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Some people hate sand as it gets everywhere.

And then they read Dune and sand is suddenly the coolest little tiny rock they've ever come across.

Dune is a masterpiece of science fiction that has captivated readers since its publication in 1965. Written by Frank Herbert, it tells the story of a desert planet called Arrakis, which is the only source of the most valuable substance in the universe, a drug called "spice."

The first novel is set in the far future, where humans have spread out among the stars and formed a feudal society ruled by noble houses. The story follows the journey of Paul Atreides, the young heir to the House of Atreides, who is thrust into a dangerous game of politics and power as his family takes control of Arrakis.

Many books have since expanded the Dune Universe.

Indeed, what makes Dune so compelling is the depth of its world-building. Herbert creates a complex universe with intricate cultures, religions, and political systems. The planet of Arrakis is a harsh and unforgiving place, and the indigenous people, known as the Fremen, have developed a unique way of life that is intimately connected to the harsh desert environment.

But beyond its rich world-building, Dune is also a masterclass in storytelling. The plot is full of twists and turns, and the characters are complex and multi-dimensional. Paul Atreides, in particular, is a fascinating protagonist who struggles with his own identity and destiny as he becomes embroiled in the politics of his new home.

Herbert also weaves themes of ecology, religion, and power into the narrative, making Dune a thought-provoking read that has relevance beyond its genre. The book has influenced countless other works of science fiction, and its impact can still be felt today in popular culture.

Herbert's son Brian Herbert and author Kevin J Anderson have continued the torch and written even more books about Dune than Frank!

Overall, Dune is a must-read or watch for any science fiction fan. Its rich world-building, complex characters and thought-provoking themes make it a timeless classic that has earned its place among the greatest works of science fiction ever written.

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