The Anti-Traction League's Resistance Against the Predatory Cities in Mortal Engines

30 March 2023
The Anti-Traction League is a key element of the Mortal Engines series by Philip Reeve. It is a coalition of static settlements that have come together to resist the predatory, mobile cities that roam the Earth in search of resources and prey. The League is a significant force in the novels, both as a symbol of hope for a better future and as a driving force in the conflict between traction and static.

One of the primary roles of the Anti-Traction League is to provide a moral counterpoint to the predatory cities. In a world where survival is dependent on the ability to consume and exploit others, the League stands for the values of cooperation, sustainability, and respect for life. The League is an embodiment of the idea that there is another way to live, one that doesn't require the destruction of others for survival. This message is especially powerful given the bleak, post-apocalyptic setting of the novels, where hope is a rare commodity.

Another important function of the Anti-Traction League is to drive the conflict between traction and static. The League is one of the few forces that can resist the might of the mobile cities, and it is a constant thorn in the side of their leaders. The League's existence is a challenge to the status quo, and its success inspires others to take up the cause of static settlement. This conflict is central to the narrative of the novels, and it provides a compelling backdrop for the action and adventure that takes place.

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The Anti-Traction League in the Mortal Engines series is fundamentally opposed to the principle of Municipal Darwinism, which is the practice of mobile cities consuming smaller, weaker settlements in order to grow and survive.

The League sees Municipal Darwinism as a destructive and unsustainable way of life that perpetuates a cycle of violence and exploitation. They believe that the predatory cities are a danger to all other settlements, and that their constant need for resources leads to a never-ending cycle of conflict and destruction.

Instead of Municipal Darwinism, the League advocates for the principles of static settlement and cooperation. They believe that settlements should stay in one place and work together to create sustainable, self-sufficient communities that can peacefully coexist with one another. They argue that this is the only way to build a stable and sustainable future for all.

There were several key characters in the Mortal Engines series who were part of the Anti-Traction League. Here are a few notable examples:
  1. Anna Fang is a skilled pilot and fighter who serves as one of the leaders of the Anti-Traction League. She is a fierce opponent of the mobile cities and is committed to the cause of static settlement. She is a key ally to the protagonists of the series and plays a pivotal role in their efforts to undermine the predatory cities.
  2. Tom Natsworthy is the main protagonist of the series, and he becomes involved with the Anti-Traction League after witnessing the brutality of the mobile cities firsthand. He is initially skeptical of the League's ideals, but he gradually comes to embrace their message and becomes a dedicated supporter of the cause.
  3. Oenone Zero: Oenone Zero is a scientist and member of the Anti-Traction League who is dedicated to finding a way to restore the Earth's ecosystem. She is a brilliant inventor and strategist, and her work is instrumental in the League's efforts to undermine the mobile cities.
The Anti-Traction League's ultimate goal was to create a world where static settlements could thrive without fear of being consumed by mobile cities. In the Mortal Engines series, the League's efforts are focused on disrupting the mobile cities' infrastructure and reducing their power, with the hope that this would lead to a more stable and sustainable world.

Without giving away too many spoilers, the story of the Mortal Engines series does ultimately see the Anti-Traction League achieve some of its goals. Over the course of the novels, the League's efforts to resist the mobile cities lead to a number of significant victories, including the destruction of several key cities, including London and the exposure of their leaders' schemes. These successes inspire others to take up the cause of static settlement, and by the end of the series, there are signs that a new era of cooperation and stability is beginning to emerge.

However, it's worth noting that the Mortal Engines series is not a simple "good versus evil" story. The League's efforts to undermine the mobile cities are not without their own challenges and setbacks, and the series explores the complex issues that arise when different groups with different goals and values come into conflict. The League's successes are hard-won, and the series does not shy away from showing the costs of their efforts.

Overall, the Mortal Engines series presents a nuanced and thought-provoking exploration of the Anti-Traction League's goals and the challenges they face in achieving them. Through the struggles and triumphs of the series' characters, readers are encouraged to consider what it means to build a sustainable and just world in the face of overwhelming odds.


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