Anna Fang and her role in Mortal Engines

10 March 2023
Anna Fang's bravery is one of her defining traits throughout the Mortal Engines novel series.

As a skilled pilot and fighter, she is not afraid to put herself in danger to protect others. This is evident in many of the battles she participates in alongside Tom and Hester, where she uses her flying skills and weapons expertise to take down enemy airships and defend her allies.

However, Anna's bravery is not just physical. Her decision to join the Anti-Traction League and fight against the injustices of Municipal Darwinism is a courageous one, given the power and influence of the Traction Cities. The league seeks to put an end to this destructive cycle and create a more sustainable world for everyone. She puts herself at risk to stand up for what she believes is right, even when it means going against the status quo. 

anna fang mortal engines

Anna's bravery also extends to her personal life. Her experiences as a former slave have left her with emotional scars that she carries with her throughout the series. Despite this, she is not afraid to confront her past and work through her trauma, even if it means reliving painful memories. This willingness to face her fears and take control of her life is another example of her bravery.

Anna's flying ship, the Jenny Hanniver, is an iconic element of the Mortal Engines series. The airship is a symbol of Anna's independence and freedom, and it allows her to travel quickly and evade her enemies. The ship is also significant to Anna's backstory, as it was the vessel that she used to escape from her life as a slave. Her connection to the Jenny Hanniver is a reminder of her past and her determination to never be trapped again.

In many ways, Anna can be compared to Han Solo from Star Wars. Both characters are initially introduced as tough and mysterious figures who ultimately become key allies to the main characters. They are both skilled pilots and fighters, and they both have a complicated past that informs their actions and motivations.

However, Anna is also distinct from Han Solo in several ways. Her commitment to justice and protecting the weak sets her apart from Han's 'initial' self-serving motivations. Additionally, Anna's role as a mentor to Tom and Hester adds a level of emotional depth to her character that is not present in Han Solo's arc.

In summary, Anna Fang is a complex and compelling character in the Mortal Engines series. Her bravery, role in the Anti-Traction League, and her flying ship, the Jenny Hanniver, all contribute to her character's depth and complexity. Her relationship with Tom and Hester provides an emotional anchor for the story, and her commitment to justice and protecting the weak make her a hero to root for.

Jihae anna fang mortal engines
Jihae as Anna Fang

In the film adaptation of Mortal Engines, Anna Fang is played by actress Jihae, and her role in the story is similar to that of the book series. As an aviatrix and member of the Anti-Traction League, she plays a vital role in helping Tom and Hester on their journey to stop the destructive forces of Municipal Darwinism.

Like in the books, Anna is introduced as a tough and mysterious character, and her backstory is revealed gradually throughout the film. Her experiences as a former slave and her escape on the Jenny Hanniver inform her motivations and desire to fight against the injustices of Municipal Darwinism.

In the film, Anna's role as a mentor to Tom and Hester is also emphasized. She teaches them about the world they live in and guides them on their journey to stop the villainous Thaddeus Valentine. Her relationship with the two main characters provides an emotional through-line for the story and adds depth to her character.

One significant difference between the film version of Anna and her book counterpart is her expanded role in the story. In the film, Anna plays a more active role in the action, taking part in several battle scenes and showcasing her flying skills and weapons expertise.

Overall, Anna Fang's role in the film adaptation of Mortal Engines is faithful to her book character. Her bravery, commitment to justice, and mentorship of the main characters all make her a compelling and complex character in the story. Her expanded role in the action adds to her character's depth and showcases her skills as an aviatrix and fighter.


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