The best 14 gory horror films set in space

17 March 2023
Horror films set in space have become a popular sub-genre of horror, appealing to film viewers for a variety of reasons. For one, space is an incredibly mysterious and unknown realm that fascinates many people. It's a place where the laws of nature are completely different, and there are countless possibilities for new life forms, alien creatures, and frightening scenarios. Horror films set in space tap into this fascination with the unknown, offering viewers the opportunity to explore the possibilities of the final frontier in terrifying ways.

Another reason that viewers love horror films set in space is the unique atmosphere and setting they provide. Space is an inherently isolated and claustrophobic environment, which can create an intense sense of tension and dread.

The limited resources and lack of escape options in space only add to the suspense, making the horror even more visceral and palpable. These elements make horror films set in space feel incredibly immersive and intense, drawing viewers in and keeping them on the edge of their seats.

Finally, horror films set in space often feature innovative and creative storytelling, combining elements of science fiction and horror in unexpected ways. They explore the darker aspects of human nature, such as the dangers of hubris and the consequences of playing God. 

The horror in these films often arises from the characters' own mistakes or hubris, adding a level of psychological complexity to the story. Overall, horror films set in space offer viewers a unique and thrilling experience that blends science fiction with horror, exploring the mysteries of the universe in terrifying and unforgettable ways.

event horizon horror film

Here's a list of horror movies set in space

  1. Event Horizon (1997) - Directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, this film tells the story of a rescue crew investigating a lost spaceship that had disappeared on a mission to explore a black hole. The crew soon discovers that the ship's experimental gravity drive has opened a gateway to a hellish dimension, causing the crew to experience terrifying hallucinations and face their deepest fears.
  2. Pandorum (2009) - This sci-fi horror film directed by Christian Alvart follows two crew members who awaken from hyper-sleep on a spacecraft that is mysteriously malfunctioning. As they explore the ship, they discover that they are not alone and that there are terrifying creatures hunting them.
  3. Europa Report (2013) - Directed by Sebastián Cordero, this found-footage style film tells the story of a crew of astronauts on a mission to explore Jupiter's moon Europa. As they uncover evidence of life beneath the moon's icy surface, they also discover that something is hunting them. This film has a fantastic ending!
  4. Alien (1979) - A classic sci-fi horror film directed by Ridley Scott. The plot revolves around the crew of the spaceship Nostromo who encounter an alien creature that starts picking them off one by one. The film is considered a horror classic due to its suspenseful atmosphere, innovative creature design, and iconic scene of the alien bursting out of a crew member's chest.
  5. Life (2017) - This horror film directed by Daniel Espinosa follows the crew of the International Space Station as they discover a life form from Mars that turns out to be more intelligent and dangerous than they anticipated.
  6. Ghosts of Mars (2001) - Directed by John Carpenter (The Thing), this film takes place in the year 2176, where a team of Martian police officers investigates an abandoned mining colony, only to discover that the settlers have been possessed by an ancient Martian spirit.
  7. The Last Days on Mars (2013) - Directed by Ruairí Robinson, this film follows a group of astronauts on Mars who discover evidence of microbial life but soon find themselves in a fight for survival when one of them becomes infected with a deadly virus.
  8. Apollo 18 (2011) - This found-footage horror film directed by Gonzalo López-Gallego follows a fictional Apollo 18 mission to the moon that reveals a sinister cover-up by NASA involving an encounter with extraterrestrial life.
  9. Solaris (1972) - Directed by Andrei Tarkovsky, this film is a psychological horror that follows a psychologist sent to a space station orbiting the planet Solaris to investigate strange occurrences and the crew's deteriorating mental state.
  10. Lifepod (1981) - This made-for-TV movie directed by Bruce Bryant follows the survivors of a space station explosion who escape in a lifepod and find themselves stranded in space with limited oxygen and supplies.
  11. Supernova (2000) - Directed by Walter Hill, this film follows a rescue crew sent to retrieve a ship in distress that is carrying a dangerous substance. As they attempt to save the crew and secure the substance, they discover that the ship is actually a military vessel with a sinister secret.
  12. The Cloverfield Paradox (2018) - Directed by Julius Onah, this film is a part of the Cloverfield franchise and follows a team of astronauts who accidentally unleash a monster while experimenting with a particle accelerator aboard a space station.
  13. Infini (2015) - Directed by Shane Abbess, this film takes place in the future where a search and rescue team is sent to a mining facility on a distant planet to retrieve a lone survivor. However, they soon discover that an alien entity has infected the facility and is now after them.
  14. The Titan (2018) - Directed by Lennart Ruff, this film follows a military family who volunteers for a genetic experiment to adapt to the harsh conditions of Saturn's moon, Titan. However, the experiment takes a terrifying turn when they begin to experience dangerous and violent side effects.


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