What is the connection of Romulus to Alien and Aliens?

31 December 2023
"Alien: Romulus," directed by Fede Álvarez (Don't Breathe), intriguingly positions itself within the Alien franchise, specifically set between Ridley Scott's original "Alien" and James Cameron's sequel "Aliens."

This placement in the series timeline invites a host of speculative discussions, particularly about its potential connections to preceding and succeeding films, and its place within the broader Alien narrative.

Given there is 57 years of Earth time between the two films, Romulus could not even be connected to the 'adventures of Ellen Ripley'. We do think Romulus will certainly echo the themes of the Alien film franchise such as isolation.

There is a lot of speculation that Calilee Spaeny may be playing Ellen Ripley's daughter Amanda but it is more likely she is playing a character called Rain Carradine. 

The trailer has a nod to the Alien's Isolation video game and the general feel is one of close quarters terror - taking the Alien vibes of 1977. 


So let's have some fun and speculate on how Romulus could be connected to the Alien films.

romulus alien design concept idea

David's Potential Involvement in Alien: Romulus

  1. Continuity with Prometheus and Alien: Covenant: David, the enigmatic android played by Michael Fassbender in "Prometheus" and "Alien: Covenant," is a pivotal character in the prequel series. His profound impact on the Alien mythology – from the creation of the Xenomorphs to his philosophical musings on creation and destruction – makes his potential involvement in "Alien: Romulus" a point of significant interest.

  2. Narrative Bridge: If "Alien: Romulus" aims to bridge the gap between "Alien" and "Aliens," the inclusion of David could serve as a narrative device to connect the prequel series with the original films. David's story arc could provide insights into the evolution of the Xenomorph species or the wider universe, thus enriching the overall lore.

  3. Character Arc and Themes: David's character embodies themes of artificial intelligence, creation, and the blurred lines between synthetic and organic life. His potential presence in "Alien: Romulus" could further explore these themes, perhaps providing a more philosophical dimension to the franchise, akin to what was seen in "Prometheus" and "Alien: Covenant."

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Alien: Romulus as a Sequel to Alien: Covenant

  1. Narrative Continuity: "Alien: Covenant" ends with several unanswered questions, particularly surrounding the fate of David and the colonists aboard the Covenant. "Alien: Romulus" could potentially address these loose ends, making it a direct sequel in terms of narrative.

  2. Thematic Evolution: The themes introduced in "Alien: Covenant" – such as the nature of creation, the role of artificial intelligence, and the origin of the Xenomorphs – could be further developed in "Alien: Romulus." This thematic continuity would strengthen the film's position as a sequel.

  3. Franchise Expansion: Given that "Alien: Romulus" is set between "Alien" and "Aliens," it might also serve as a bridge that expands upon the universe, without necessarily being a direct sequel in the traditional sense. It could introduce new elements and characters that enrich the overall narrative tapestry of the Alien universe.

  4. Fan Expectations and Franchise Direction: The direction taken in "Alien: Romulus" would likely be influenced by fan reactions to previous films, especially "Alien: Covenant." The balance between answering unresolved questions from "Alien: Covenant" and forging a new path would be crucial in defining its role as a sequel or a standalone entry within the franchise.

alien romulus concept art idea

In conclusion, the potential involvement of David in "Alien: Romulus" and the film’s connection to "Alien: Covenant" are topics ripe for exploration, offering numerous possibilities for extending the lore and themes of the Alien franchise. The film's position in the Alien timeline provides an opportunity to delve deeper into the universe's mythology, while also possibly resolving or expanding upon storylines introduced in the prequels. The anticipation surrounding "Alien: Romulus" underscores the enduring appeal and rich narrative potential of the Alien saga.


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