What are the time line moments of the Mad Max Saga?

07 December 2023
The "Mad Max" saga, created by George Miller, is an iconic series of post-apocalyptic action films set in a dystopian Australia, the first three of which starred a young Mel Gibson as Max. 

The timeline of the "Mad Max" universe is not explicitly dated in the films, and the chronology is somewhat ambiguous due to the mythic and allegorical nature of the stories. 

However, based on the events and context provided in the films, a speculative timeline can be constructed, focusing on the key events in the lives of Max Rockatansky and Imperator Furiosa.

"Mad Max" (1979)

The original Mad Max featuring Gibson going head to head with Toecutter opens with the caption, “A few years from now.” That, and a piece of graffiti on a road sign dated December 1984, puts the events of the first film squarely in the mid-80s, possibly 1985.

As the narrative unfolds, the global landscape, including Australia, is plunged into a state of turmoil. This crisis stems from escalating conflicts in the Persian Gulf, a key region for the world's oil supply. The hostilities in this area lead to a significant disruption in oil production, a vital resource that underpins much of the world's economic and social structure.

This decline in oil availability triggers a cascade of consequences. Economies worldwide, already delicately balanced, begin to falter, leading to widespread financial instability. The ripple effects of this economic downturn are profound and far-reaching. In an effort to stabilize the situation and maintain social order, several nations find themselves resorting to the declaration of martial law. This state of emergency reflects the severity of the crisis, as governments take extraordinary measures to manage the fallout of the disrupted oil supply and its impact on global stability.

Key Events for Max Rockatansky:
  • After a series of violent encounters with a biker gang, Max's wife and child are murdered.
  • Max, driven by revenge, hunts down and kills the gang members.
  • This marks the transformation of Max from a law-abiding officer to a vengeful drifter.

 "Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior" (1981)

Time Line: A few years after the first film, in a world now fully post-apocalyptic.

"The Road Warrior" unfolds in a timeline preceding an eventual global nuclear war. The dystopian wasteland depicted in the film is a product of gradual societal collapse and decay, rather than the direct consequence of a nuclear winter. This setting paints a stark picture of a world where the vestiges of civilization are eroding, yet it remains untouched by the cataclysmic effects of nuclear conflict.

In contrast, the prequel comics of "Mad Max: Fury Road" introduce a revision to this timeline. Here, the narrative posits that the nuclear war occurs between the events of the first and second films. This alteration in the series' chronology brings a different perspective to the degradation of society and the environment.

Despite these differing timelines, the outcome in both narratives is strikingly similar: a rapid and profound deterioration of societal structures within a few years following the conclusion of "Mad Max." The Australian wasteland, where the protagonist Max now resides, becomes an emblem of this decline. Max, traversing this desolate landscape in his Interceptor, is in a relentless search for gasoline, a scarce resource that symbolizes the desperate struggle for survival in this bleak world. 

This backdrop sets the stage for exploring themes of survival, resource scarcity, and the resilience of the human spirit amidst the ruins of a once-thriving civilization.

Key Events for Max:
  • Max roams the wasteland with his dog, scavenging for resources.
  • He becomes involved with a group of survivors defending an oil refinery against a marauding gang.
  • Max helps the survivors escape, but he remains a lone wanderer.

the road warrior

"Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome" (1985)

Time Line Setting:  Approximately 15 years years after the events of "The Road Warrior."

"Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome," set about 15 years after "The Road Warrior," encounters timeline complexities, especially in light of "Mad Max: Fury Road" and its prequel comics. The film, positioned in a post-nuclear war era, is marked by a 1999 reference point, conflicting with the later timeline suggested in "Fury Road" where the nuclear event occurs after 2015. 

"Beyond Thunderdome" showcases the evolution of society in this dystopian world, introducing Bartertown, a rudimentary civilization with emerging social structures, a significant leap from the simplistic groups in "The Road Warrior." This development aligns with the societal depiction in "Fury Road." 

The film's portrayal of an increasingly barren, nuclear-ravaged wasteland culminates in a narrative where children aspire to rebuild civilization in Sydney's remains, a venture "Fury Road" implies is ultimately unsuccessful...

Key Events for Max:
  • Max ends up in Bartertown, a settlement built around a methane refinery.
  • He is caught in the power struggle between Aunty Entity, the ruler of Bartertown, and Master Blaster, who control the refinery.
  • Fights in the Thunder Dome and learns the true meaning of Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves...
  • Max is exiled and discovers a tribe of children in an oasis, eventually helping them to find a new home.

tina turner as aunty entity
Tina Turner as Aunty Entity

"Mad Max: Fury Road" (2015)

"Mad Max: Fury Road" presents a unique position within the series' timeline, marked by its setting and the mythical status of its protagonist, Max. The film seemingly exists in a nebulous timeframe, one that doesn't neatly align with the chronology established by its predecessors. This ambiguity is partly addressed by treating Max as a mythic figure, a narrative choice that allows for a more fluid interpretation of the timeline. 

Max's character, portrayed with varying degrees of continuity across the series, becomes a legendary, almost folkloric presence in this post-apocalyptic world. By embracing the idea of Max as a myth rather than a strictly linear character, "Fury Road" sidesteps the inconsistencies in the timeline. 

This approach suggests that the story of Max is not bound by conventional chronology but is a series of legendary tales set against the backdrop of a dystopian world. This setting, characterized by its desolation and the ongoing struggle for survival and resources, becomes a canvas for the larger-than-life exploits of Max, where the focus is less on the precise timeline and more on the enduring themes of resilience, tyranny, and rebellion in a world gone mad.

Key Events for Max and Furiosa
  • Max is captured by the War Boys of Immortan Joe and used as a "blood bag."
  • Imperator Furiosa, a war captain under Immortan Joe, betrays him to free his five wives that are only alive to be breeders.
  • Max and Furiosa's paths cross, and they join forces.
  • They overthrow Immortan Joe and take control of the Citadel, a stronghold with access to water and resources.

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga (2024)

The film delves into the backstory of Imperator Furiosa, a character first introduced in "Fury Road" and originally played by Charlize Theron. In this prequel, Anya Taylor-Joy takes on the role of a younger Furiosa, exploring her origins and journey before the events of "Fury Road."

The narrative of "Furiosa" is situated approximately 45 years after the collapse of civilization. This places the setting of "Furiosa" after "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome," but significantly before the events of "Fury Road." The timeline suggests that "Furiosa" likely occurs in the 2030s, considering "Fury Road" is estimated to be set around the 2050s. 

The film is expected to cover a span of several years, offering a detailed look at Furiosa's early life, her capture by a biker horde led by Warlord Dementus, and her eventual rise to become the formidable road warrior seen in "Fury Road."


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