The Purrgil: Space Whales That Shape the Star Wars Universe

03 October 2023
In the expansive lore of the Star Wars universe, few creatures are as enigmatic and impactful as the Purrgil. Often referred to as "space whales," these majestic beings have made their presence felt across various storylines, leaving both characters and audiences intrigued. While their initial appearance in "Star Wars: Rebels" left an indelible mark, their role has been further expanded in the Disney Plus series "Ahsoka," 

Stay tuned as we journey through hyperspace lanes and beyond, following the trails of these fascinating space-dwelling creatures.

Origin and Characteristics of the Purrgil

The Purrgil are not your average space-dwelling creatures; they are often described as "space whales," a term that encapsulates their grandeur and mystery. These semi-sentient beings possess bluish-purple bulbous heads and fins, with tentacles that more closely resemble those of an octopus. But what truly sets them apart is their extraordinary ability to travel through hyperspace, creating tunnels between star systems.

Their first appearance was in "Star Wars: Rebels," where they were initially seen as mere obstacles by the crew of the Ghost. However, as the series progressed, it became evident that the Purrgil were far more than just star beasts; they were beings with a unique connection to the Force and the larger universe.

purrgil hyperspace travel ashoka space whales

Role in Star Wars: Rebels (Season 4)

The Purrgil's role in "Star Wars: Rebels" reached its zenith in the show's finale, where they played a pivotal part in the fate of two key characters: Grand Admiral Thrawn and Ezra Bridger. In a daring move, Ezra Bridger formed a unique bond with the Purrgil, strong enough to command their assistance in the battle against Thrawn's fleet. This culminated in a dramatic scene where a Purrgil wrapped its tentacles around Thrawn's ship, pulling it into hyperspace and effectively removing the Grand Admiral from the battlefield.

This event had far-reaching consequences, not just for Thrawn and Ezra, who were whisked away to an unknown location, but also for the entire Star Wars narrative. The Purrgil became symbols of hope for Ezra's friends and well-wishers, who believed that finding the Purrgil would mean they were on the right path to finding Ezra and Thrawn.

The finale left fans with more questions than answers, sparking numerous theories and speculations about the Purrgil's abilities and their potential role in future storylines. Their ability to travel through hyperspace became a focal point of discussion, as it opened up endless possibilities for intergalactic travel and exploration.

Brief Appearance in The Mandalorian (Season 3)

While the Purrgil's role in "Star Wars: Rebels" was substantial, their brief cameo in Season 3 of "The Mandalorian" was like a whisper in the wind, yet it carried significant weight. In the first episode of the season, as Din Djarin and Grogu travel through hyperspace, viewers catch a glimpse of strange shapes moving around them. 

purrgil mandalorian

Grogu, with his innate curiosity, tracks these shapes with his fingers, and then one of them emerges, revealing itself to be a Purrgil.

This was clearly a set up for Ashoka, as you can appreciate many views of live action Star Wars had not viewed Rebels.

Role in Ahsoka (Disney Plus)

The Purrgil's role in the Disney Plus series "Ahsoka" is transformative, both for the characters and for our understanding of these semi-sentient space whales. Making their first live-action appearance, the Purrgil are integral to the unfolding narrative, particularly in their interactions with Ahsoka Tano.

The most striking aspect of the Purrgil's role in "Ahsoka" is their interaction with Ahsoka Tano. In a scene reminiscent of Ezra Bridger's connection with the Purrgil in "Star Wars: Rebels," Ahsoka unveils a new Force ability that allows her to communicate with these creatures. This connection is not merely coincidental; it serves as a pivotal plot point, leading Ahsoka to venture outside her ship to confront a large Purrgil, with whom she communicates through the Force.

The Purrgil thus serve as a bridge, not just between galaxies but also between characters, storylines, and even different expressions of the Force. Their role in "Ahsoka" is a testament to their growing importance in the Star Wars universe, elevating them from "simple star beasts" to key players in the cosmic drama that continues to unfold.

Which is a lot of words to say the space whale got Ashoka and her robot buddy to planet Peridea...


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