Purrgil: How These Creatures Disrupted Thrawn in Star Wars Rebels

12 April 2023
In Star Wars Rebels, the Purrgil played a significant role in the series finale. Grand Admiral Thrawn, an Imperial, had constructed a blockade around the planet Lothal in an effort to prevent the rebels from escaping. However, the rebels were aided by a group of Purrgil who had been attracted to the planet by the energy of the Imperial ships.

Ezra Bridger, one of the rebels and a Force-sensitive individual, was able to communicate with the Purrgil and convince them to help in the rebellion's fight against the Empire. Using his Force abilities, Ezra was able to connect with the Purrgil and understand their intentions.

Together, the Purrgil and the rebels launched an attack on the Imperial fleet. The Purrgil were able to navigate through hyperspace and emerged inside the Imperial ships, causing them to collapse in on themselves and create a massive explosion that destroyed the blockade.

The Purrgil's ability to travel through hyperspace without the use of a spaceship was something that the Empire had not encountered before, and Grand Admiral Thrawn was left stunned by their power.

The exact origins of the Purrgil in the Star Wars universe are not entirely clear. However, it is believed that they are a naturally occurring species that have existed in the galaxy for a very long time. They are known to travel great distances across the galaxy and have been encountered by various civilizations and cultures.

In the Star Wars Rebels episode "The Call," it is revealed that the Purrgil feed on a special type of gas found in asteroids. This gas is important for the Purrgil's survival and their ability to travel through hyperspace. It is possible that the Purrgil evolved to be able to navigate through hyperspace in search of this gas and have developed their unique abilities as a result.

purrgil star wars

In Season Three of The Mandalorian, Din, and Grogu appear to observe Purrgil as they travel hyperspace - this could be a potential nod to the hunt for Grand Admiral Thrawn in the Rosario Dawson led "Ashoka" show.


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