Box Office Bomb: The Missed Opportunities that Sank 'Mortal Engines'

11 October 2023
"Mortal Engines," a film directed by Christian Rivers and released in December 2018, was met with high expectations but ultimately failed to deliver at the box office. With a budget of approximately $100 million, the film managed to earn only $83.7 million worldwide, marking it as a commercial failure. This essay aims to explore the myriad factors that contributed to the film's disappointing performance.

The film was based on the first novel of the popular book series by Philip Reeve, which had garnered both critical acclaim and a dedicated fan following. Given the books' success, the film adaptation was expected to perform well, drawing comparisons to other successful book-to-film adaptations like "Harry Potter" and "The Hunger Games." However, the film fell short in several key areas, leading to its ultimate downfall.

One of the most glaring issues was the film's marketing and promotional strategy. Unlike successful adaptations that benefited from robust marketing campaigns, "Mortal Engines" suffered from inadequate promotion. The film lacked visibility in the media, and its marketing failed to generate significant buzz. This was a stark contrast to other films in similar genres, which invested heavily in marketing and reaped the rewards in box office earnings.

mortal engines box office bomb

Another critical factor was the film's storytelling and adaptation issues. While the source material was complex and layered, the film adaptation struggled with pacing, narrative structure, and character development. The differences between the book and the movie alienated fans of the original series, while the film's convoluted plot confused new viewers. This led to a disconnect between the audience and the story, making it difficult for viewers to engage with the film.

The casting choices also played a role in the film's failure. Unlike other successful adaptations that boasted A-list stars, "Mortal Engines" featured a relatively unknown cast save for Hugo Weaving (who pretty much chewed scenery in this film). While the actress Hera Hilman delivered competent performances and Robbie Shehan (Mute) gave it his all, the lack of star power failed to draw a large audience. That said, the chemistry between characters Tom and Hester Shaw was not compelling enough to engage viewers, further contributing to the film's lackluster performance.

Technical aspects of the film, such as visual effects and cinematography, were generally well-executed but failed to compensate for the weaknesses in storytelling and character development. Similarly, while the film's score by Tom Hockenberg was competent (though arguably a step down from his prior effort in Fury Road), they were not memorable enough to elevate the overall experience.

Critical reception was another nail in the coffin for "Mortal Engines." The film received mixed to negative reviews from critics, and audience ratings were similarly disappointing. Negative reviews likely deterred potential viewers, further diminishing the film's chances of success.

The timing of the film's release and the competition it faced also contributed to its failure. Released during a crowded holiday season, "Mortal Engines" had to compete with several other high-profile films, diluting its potential audience. Moreover, the film seemed to suffer from franchise fatigue, as audiences had already been exposed to a plethora of dystopian and science fiction films, making it difficult for "Mortal Engines" to stand out.

In conclusion, the failure of "Mortal Engines" at the box office can be attributed to a combination of factors, including poor marketing, storytelling issues, lackluster casting, and unfavorable timing. While the film had the potential to become a successful adaptation of a popular book series, it fell short in several key areas, leading to its ultimate commercial failure. Future filmmakers attempting to adapt similar source material would do well to learn from the mistakes made in the production and promotion of "Mortal Engines."


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