Ashoka Season One Episode 8 Finale Review: The Jedi, The Witch and The Warlord

03 October 2023
So this is it, episode 7 and the season finale of Ashoka on Disney+ called The Jedi, The Witch and The Warlord (a reference to the Narnia novel, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe).

Before we dive into the CLIFF HANGER ENDING...




Let's recap really quick. Ashoka is a continuation of Star Wars Rebels, the Dave Filoni curated show in which a band of heroes take on the might of the galaxy in various ways. Season 4 of that show ended with Ezra Bridger and Grand Admiral Thrawn being taken out of the galaxy to a new one far far away by means of magical space whales.

It helped set up the ultimate win for the Rebels.

This season of Ashoka could have been titled Ashoka: The Search for Spock Ezra.

Ashoka was looking for Thrawn in Season 2 of The Mandalorian (The Jedi) - that was the setup for this show featuring live-action Ashoka. We have been re-introduced to Sabine and a new padawan - master relationship between her and Ashoka and we've met two new interesting 'grey Jedi' (of a kind) in Baylan Skoll and Shakti.

We've seen Ashoka 'die' and were treated to an extended cameo of Hayden Christensen returning as Anakin Skywalker in the World Between Worlds.

This has culminated in Sabine and Ashoka each independently finding Ezra leading to a confronting final episode where 3 leads of Rebels have been reunited to face off against an "eagerly keen to depart the planet Perida in the Chimerara", Thrawn.

Dear reader, it's time for the reckoning.

The season finale of "Ahsoka" was a rollercoaster of emotions, plot twists, and character arcs that left this writer both satisfied and yearning for more. 

The episode was particularly notable for its handling of Grand Admiral Thrawn, portrayed by Lars Mikkelsen. Thrawn's return to the Star Wars universe was a welcome addition, and his role as the overarching villain promises to add layers of complexity to the series. His sparing use, akin to how Darth Vader and the Emperor were used in the original trilogy, adds to the suspense and makes his appearances more impactful. T

Basically, everybody had a good time except newly crowned full-time Nightsister Elspeth Morgan who, despite wielding the blade of Tazlin, was downed by Ashoka after a particularly well-choreographed saber fight (with some nice backup from Sabine Wren, apparently now a capable Force user).

The inclusion of a horde of Zombie Storm Troopers felt a bit overdone as they were all filler and no killer. It was a nice chance to get a team of up Ezra, Sabine and Lady Tano. 

Eman Esfandi's portrayal of Ezra Bridger was a standout, with the final scene serving as a heartfelt moment that solidified his place in the series. His reunification with Syndula was a delight and all viewers would have noticed the swap of Ashoka and Sabine staying on Peridea allowed the escape of Ezra. 

It's worth noting that when Ashoka tells Sabine that they are where they need to be, this likely ties into the broader mission of Baylan Skoll which is lightly touched on - it likely involves The Ones.

The brief appearance of the owl that oversees Ahsoka, known as Morai, adds a layer of mysticism and complexity to the episode. Morai is often seen as a representation of the Daughter, one of The Ones from the Mortis arc in "The Clone Wars," and her presence usually signifies a moment of great importance. 

Her fleeting appearance could be a subtle nod to Baylan Skoll's ongoing quest to find The Ones on Peridea, a storyline that has been teased but not yet fully explored. Given that The Ones are embodiments of different aspects of the Force, Morai's presence could foreshadow a deeper dive into Force mythology in the series. It raises the question of whether Baylan Skoll's search is connected to Ahsoka's own journey and whether the two will intersect in a significant way, possibly in the next season. 

David Tennant's droid Huyang was a delight, sharing annecdotes of Kanan Janus whilst he helps Ezra make a new saber. 

The appearance of Hayden Christensen as a Force Ghost Anakin added a final layer of nostalgia and signals indeed that Ashoka has matured to the point that she is as talented as any of the other legendary Jedi before her. 


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