Review: Ahsoka Episode 6 - "Far, Far Away"

19 September 2023
After the master class in Star Wars storytelling that we got from writer and director David Filoni in Ashoka: Shadow Warrior, can the show deliver such heights in its follow-up episode?

Well, Filoni had to travel to a new far away galaxy to do so, but it's fair to say Episode 6 of Ashoka delivers genuine quality Star Wars.

And how so you may ask?

Begins with T, ends with N, and rhymes with prawn.

That's right, fans have gotten what they wanted since Heir to the Empire was released, we finally get live-action Thrawn.

Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Grand Mitth'raw'nuruodo Admiral Thrawn.

The character was borrowed from Timothy Zahn's novels and used in Star Wars Rebels where in a cliff hanger ending in which Thrawn's Star Destroyer is besieged by Purrgil while floating over planet Lothal. Ensnared in the creatures' tentacles while simultaneously being confronted by Ezra Bridger, who brought the Purrgil to defend Lothal, Thrawn's ship is dragged from the planet's orbit by them to parts unknown, leaving both Thrawn's and Bridger's fates untold.

Enter David Filioni planting the seeds of the hunt for Thrawn in season 2 of The Mandalorian where Ashoka reveals in 'The Jedi' that she seeks Thrawn.

And now Filioni now begins to bring that story full arc in Far Far Away.

Interstellar travel by means of whale

The Star Wars universe has always been a melting pot of evolving lore, with the Jedi's essence at its core. From the different vibes each trilogy offers about the Jedi to the retcons that have been introduced over time, the franchise has consistently reshaped our understanding of the Force-wielders. Ahsoka Episode 6 takes a significant leap in this direction by naming the kind of Jedi we've come to know through characters like Luke, Ezra, and Rey. These "Bokken Jedi" are those trained outside the traditional temple setting, often in the wild, after the Temple's fall.

The term "Bokken" is derived from the Japanese wooden sword used for training. Given George Lucas's penchant for integrating samurai nomenclature into the Jedi lore, this choice of terminology is apt. A Bokken Jedi, as explained in the episode, is somewhat of a substitute for the real deal, at least in the eyes of traditionalists like Baylan.

This revelation adds depth to our understanding of characters like Luke Skywalker and Rey, positioning them as Bokken Jedi, distinct from temple-trained Jedi like Ahsoka.

So while we get Thrawn, we also get this intriguing addition to Star Wars lore.

Ahsoka's narrative seems to be steering the Jedi back to their roots, emphasizing the essence of being a Jedi rather than the bureaucratic order that the prequels introduced. The series suggests that the true nature of a Jedi isn't about adhering to a strict set of rules but about understanding and embracing the Force in its raw, unfiltered form.

The episode's highlight was undoubtedly the return of Grand Admiral Thrawn and Ezra Bridger. While Thrawn's reintroduction showcased his tactical genius and the looming threat he poses, Ezra's reunion with Sabine was an emotional high, emphasizing the deep bonds formed during their time together in "Star Wars Rebels."

QQ - was Ezra Bridge wearing Night Trooper dog tags?  

Thrawn demonstrated a player completely in control of his game. Charasmatically confident, his engagement with the Nightsisters and adept manipulation of Sabine and Baylan was incredible.

Expect big things of this character in the final 3 epsiodes!

Baylan Skoll's quest for a mysterious power adds another layer of intrigue to the series. His conversations with his pawadwan Shin hint at a force greater than the Nightsisters' ‘dark magick’, implying indeed that there is yet a secret to be uncovered on this new plant, Peridea.

From a technical standpoint, the episode was a visual treat. The CGI, cinematography, scoring, production design, and makeup were all top-notch, maintaining the series' reputation as a visual spectacle.

We need more loth cats though eh?  

While "Far, Far Away" was rich in lore and introduced significant plot developments, it had its shortcomings. The manner of Ezra's reintroduction felt lackluster, and the episode could have delved deeper into how Thrawn and Ezra survived in an unknown galaxy. However, the episode's strengths, including the deepening of Jedi lore and the return of iconic characters, make it a must-watch for Star Wars enthusiasts and your mom. 


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