C-3PO's Cameo in Ahsoka Episode 7

28 September 2023
The Star Wars universe is a vast tapestry of interconnected stories, characters, and themes. One character who has been a constant throughout this universe is C-3PO, the protocol droid known for his fluency in over six million forms of communication and his often comical misunderstandings of human behavior. 

In the latest episode of the Disney+ series "Ahsoka," Dreams and Madness, C-3PO made a surprise cameo that not only delighted fans but also set a new record for actor Anthony Daniels, who has portrayed the character since the original 1977 film, "A New Hope."

c3po cameo ashoka episode 7

The cameo in Ahsoka Episode 7 marks Anthony Daniels' 12th appearance as C-3PO in live-action, more than any other Star Wars actor. This is a significant milestone considering the franchise's penchant for special appearances and cameos. C-3PO has appeared in every mainline Star Wars film and many spin-offs, showcasing his enduring popularity.

In this episode, C-3PO arrives by the order of the off-screen Senator Leia Organa to assist General Hera Syndulla, who is facing a potential court-martial after disobeying orders to help Ahsoka. 

The episode also featured the return of the dog tag wearing Ezra Bridger, a character who had disappeared at the end of "Star Wars Rebels." His return, along with C-3PO's cameo, suggests that the series is keen on tying loose ends and bringing back fan-favorite characters, potentially setting the stage for future storylines or even spin-offs.

Anthony Daniels wrote in his Instagram:

"Never thought Threepio would have the honour to appear in the rightly lauded, Ahsoka. So we were both surprised to get a call from the Master himself, Dave Filoni. And then, there we were, enveloped by the utterly compelling FX of The Volume. And there they were, the dedicated crew and the cast of lovely and talented humans, and droids. 3PO and I have rarely had such an enthusiastic welcome, nor such loving support throughout our days on set. 

I hear that fans were moved to tears by seeing their golden friend, once again on screen. I was equally moved by the surprise ovation from the assembled team, as I finally emerged from that iconic figure. Maybe this is a good time to thank them and so many millions, for the love they have shown my friend over so many years. So… on his behalf… Thank you."


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