Star Wars Yellow Crawl Text Generator ideas + font style guide

03 December 2023
The iconic yellow Star Wars font that crawls up the screen at the beginning of each saga film is a key part of Star Wars. Aped and re-shaped, it's as much a part of popular culture as light sabers and references to Toche Station.

And so, you might be looking for a way to generate your own Star Wars text?

We've got some ways and places you can check to make your own Star Wars font!

Whilst many sites offer free online or downloadable tools, Font Meme allows you to generate your own text with yellow on black background:

no i am your father

Font Generator has the same ability, with a wide selection of fonts to choose from including the StarJedi font which is pretty popular. Font space also has a handy translater.

A handy tip when using these generators is to use lower case lettering. If you use upper case letters, the generators will not produce the desired text correctly.
the original star wars crawl font

What about an Aubresh translater?

Many a keen Star Wars fan will know that Aubresh is the name for the Star Wars alphabet language that can be found through the far away galaxy and those same fans love to translate what it says when found in the films...

Lingojam has a very handy 'English to Aubresh' translator:

No, I am your father!

What is the Star Wars font in Canva? 

Canva is a SUPER POPULAR online graphic tool that you can use to make the Star Wars font.

Cubao Wide is a sans-serif style font that seems to be a fairly close match to StarJedi. You could also try using the Nourd Bold font with the hollowed-out text effect. Have a play around with Canva's templates, they have a massive variety of design styles. 

What is the color code for the Star Wars crawl text?

The color scheme for the yellow Star Wars crawl pallete with the Hex & RGB Codes is 2 colors which are Banana Yellow (#FFE81F) and Black (#000000).

star wars font color code yellow black

What is the font name for the blue "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...."?

Originally this typeface was prepared by hand. We've seen it referred to as Star Jedi (!?). The sequels used a digitized font version known as the Franklin Demi.

What is the font for the Mandalorian TV show called?

Created for the show, it's known as Mandalore. Which is kind of fitting...

Fun Facts about the Star Wars crawl + font!


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