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23 August 2023
Ashoka seems to be quite safe in David Fioni's hands as he navigates the tricky opening episode of live action Ashoka.

Part Two, Toil and Trouble takes us into the thick of the action with a faster paced episode.

Ahsoka Episode 2 takes the reins of the series in a compelling direction. This episode masterfully navigates the Star Wars universe, mixing nostalgia (Oh hey there's a Lothal Cat and an Inquisitor!) and new storytelling elements to craft an engaging narrative.

ashoka part two disney star wars

The opening scenes set the stage for a story that could easily have become indulgent and tedious, given its deep ties to Star Wars lore. However Filoni, bless him, manages to infuse a genuine reverence that revitalizes the franchise's seriousness, making it a series worth investing in once more.

Looking at you last few episodes of Boba Fett!

This shift in tone is a breath of fresh air, especially considering the expectations set by established Disney Plus formulas.

The episode's success is particularly notable, considering its placement in the context of the wider Star Wars canon. Following the divisive third season of The Mandalorian, Ahsoka might have raised red flags with its connection to the Clone Wars and Rebels stories. However Dave Filoni, expertly navigates this obstacle, making the series accessible to both long-time Star Wars enthusiasts and newcomers.

Ahsoka Episode 2 also introduces a partnership between Ahsoka and Sabine that adds depth to their dynamic. The episode acknowledges the significant backstory that longtime viewers might bring to the table, but it doesn't rely solely on that history. Instead, it draws viewers into the suspenseful narrative, creating investment in the impending arrival of a major antagonist.

The character development shines through Sabine's journey, as she grapples with her past, her training, and her own insecurities. The episode doesn't shy away from addressing the complexities of mentorship and personal growth, which adds a layer of emotional depth to the story.

Director Steph Green's influence is apparent throughout the episode (while of course working to Dave Filoni's script), elevating even the most mundane scenes to dynamic and engaging moments. The pacing is crisp, and the interconnectedness of different narrative threads keeps the story flowing smoothly.

With strong character development, engaging storytelling, and the revitalization of the Star Wars universe's magic (if not borrowing from Rebels), this episode is a testament to the producers' ability to balance nostalgia and innovation. The partnership between Ahsoka and Sabine adds layers of complexity to the narrative, and the looming threat of Thrawn's return injects suspense and intrigue. Despite minor shortcomings, the episode leaves viewers eager for more and rekindles the excitement of being invested in the Star Wars universe once again.


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