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23 August 2023
Embark on a mesmerizing journey through time with "Ashoka," as the inaugural episode of this enthralling series delves into the complexities of its titular character while intertwining the echoes of Star Wars Rebels' last season and the ongoing search for Thrawn. 

The episode "Master and Apprentice "opens with a breathtaking tableau of the Mauryan Empire, meticulously recreated to transport audiences to an era of splendor and grandeur. However, beneath the opulent façade lies the heart of Ashoka, burdened by the weight of her past. 

ashoka show review season one episode one

This emotional baggage becomes a central theme, making Ashoka's journey not just a historical exploration, but an intimate examination of her psyche.

The introduction of Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati as a fallen Jedi and a dark Force user respectively gives Ashoka some food for thought as they carry out their mission.

It's a quiet set up but these seemingly Jedi are no friends of anyone.

Our opening minutes feature Ashoka carrying out problem-solving as if she were in Jedi: Fallen Order to retrieve the MGuffan of the episode, a map of a kind to Thrawn.

Bigger picture, Rosario Dawson effortlessly captures Ashoka's struggle with her dual identity—her yearning for redemption and the lingering shadows of her actions. 

This internal conflict, reminiscent of the emotional turmoil faced by characters in Star Wars Rebels, resonates powerfully with fans familiar with the series. 

The writing by David Filoni is his own world of classic Filoni, blending historical references with a keen focus on Ashoka's emotional trajectory. It seamlessly navigates through the intricate tapestry of politics, culture, and personal growth. This storytelling approach, coupled with the thematic ties to Star Wars Rebels, grants audiences a relatable entry point into ancient history.

Oh, and there's light sabers. 

Lots of light sabers.

The pacing is flawlessly executed, guiding viewers through moments of tension, revelation, and introspection. This finely tuned balance ensures that the audience remains engaged and invested in Ashoka's journey, both on a personal and political level. The narrative shifts with grace between Ashoka's personal experiences and the larger political landscape, highlighting the character's multidimensionality.

The musical score enhances the emotional cadence of the episode, echoing both traditional Indian tones and the evocative sounds of the Star Wars universe. This auditory tapestry heightens the emotional resonance of key scenes, evoking a visceral response from the audience.

In summary, "Ashoka" episode one captivates not only with its visual splendor and exceptional casting but also with its raw exploration of human emotions and history. As the series masterfully draws from the emotional depths of Star Wars Rebels' last season and the ongoing quest for Thrawn, it creates a seamless blend of past and future. 

Trivia from the Episode

  • Ashoka goes by the call sign Fulcrum, a nod to Rebels
  • The Episode Features a red opening crawl, like the Saga films.
  • David Tennet voices robot Huyang.
  • Cameo from X who played X in The Mandalorian.
  • Clancy Brown (The Highlander) returns as Lothol Governor Ryder Azadi in Ahsoka, marking his second live-action appearance in the Star Wars universe following his memorable turn in The Mandalorian season one as the Devaronian known as 'Burg'in episode 6: The Prisoner.
  • Jai Kell from Rebels tags along with the Governor for a bit!
  • Did you spot Sabine's Lothal cat?
  • Drink once if you spotted the obvious Anakin Skywalker reference. 
  • Ahsoka's callsign approaching Home One is T6-1974 - Dave Filoni was born in June 1974...


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