Triangle: "Unraveling the Mysterious 'Triangle': A Film of Great Craftsmanship, Yet Missing a Clear Path"

25 June 2023
"Triangle," directed by Christopher Smith and starring Melissa George, is a film that undoubtedly showcases a high level of craftsmanship. From its technical aspects to the performances, the movie demonstrates an impressive attention to detail. However, despite its initial promise, "Triangle" ultimately falls short in delivering a satisfying and coherent narrative.

Reviewer Rating: 2.5/5

One of the film's standout aspects is the performance by Melissa George. She carries the weight of the story on her shoulders, effectively portraying Jess, a complex and troubled character. George's commitment to her role enhances the movie, allowing the audience to empathize with her and invest in the unfolding events. She navigates the shifting emotions of her character with skill, adding depth to the narrative.

melissa george triangle

In terms of technical execution, "Triangle" excels in creating a sense of eerie atmosphere and tension. The cinematography effectively captures the decaying, abandoned ship setting, with its claustrophobic corridors and dimly lit rooms. The camera work contributes to the unease, moving seamlessly through the ship's labyrinthine structure. The editing enhances the suspenseful moments, particularly during the intense sequences where Jess encounters versions of herself. These scenes, though disorienting, are well-choreographed.

The production design and visual effects also play a significant role in establishing the unsettling atmosphere of the film. The ship itself becomes a character, with its creaking floors, flickering lights, and peeling wallpaper, adding to the overall sense of dread. The visual effects are sparingly used but effectively employed to create moments of surrealism and confusion, amplifying the mystery and intrigue.

However, where "Triangle" falters is in its overall direction and narrative development. The film's initial premise, centered around a group of friends trapped on a ship caught in a time loop, presents an intriguing concept. As the story progresses, it becomes apparent that the plot's potential is not fully realized.
The unending timeloop, while intriguing at first, becomes a source of frustration as the film fails to explore it fully. The repeated sequences, where Jess tries to alter the events and escape the loop, initially create a sense of tension and curiosity. However, as the film progresses, the repetitive nature of the time loop loses its impact. The audience is left craving deeper explanations and a clearer understanding of the rules governing the loop.

Furthermore, "Triangle" introduces several interesting ideas and concepts but fails to explore them fully. The film hints at themes of guilt (a frustrated mother being angry at her autistic child), redemption, and the cyclical nature of time, but these elements are left underdeveloped and unresolved. The lack of a cohesive and satisfying conclusion leaves viewers with a sense of disappointment, as if their investment in the story was ultimately unrewarded.

While ambiguity can be an effective storytelling tool, "Triangle" leans too heavily on it, leaving the audience with more questions than answers. The film teases intriguing possibilities but fails to provide the necessary closure to make those ideas truly resonate.

Despite its narrative shortcomings, "Triangle" should be commended for its technical achievements and Melissa George's captivating performance. The film succeeds in creating an unsettling atmosphere and establishing a sense of mystery. However, its failure to capitalize on its initial promise and provide a coherent narrative ultimately prevents it from reaching its full potential.

If the film had upped the gore to a more visceral level, a better balance potentially could have been achieved.

In the end, "Triangle" is a well-made film that falls victim to its own ambition. While it is worth watching for its technical prowess and strong lead performance, it ultimately leaves the audience wanting more in terms of a satisfying and conclusive story.

That how is not what the director wanted for this story, and that's ok.

We suspect this is an overrated movie, don't believe the hype on the internet as it being a mind bender on par with Primer or even Coherence - as it is not.


What is the meaning of the film Triangle?

At every point on the point, there are three versions of Jess caught in various points of the time looper - the one arriving, the one realizing what is happening and the one attempting to leave. Thus a trinity relationship between them or a... triangle. 


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