How The Creator director Gareth Edwards creates a unique sense of scale in his films

17 May 2023
Film director Gareth Edwards (The Creator) has carved a niche for himself by showcasing awe-inspiring scale in his movies. Through a combination of cinematography techniques, visual effects, and meticulous attention to detail, Edwards consistently delivers scenes that feel larger than life.

This discussion explores how Edwards employs scale in his films, with a particular focus on the iconic Death Star reveal in "Rogue One," as well as scenes from "Monsters" and "Godzilla" that effectively convey the immense size and height of creatures.

Visual Composition and Cinematography

Gareth Edwards understands the power of visual composition and cinematography in conveying scale. He strategically employs wide-angle lenses, expansive framing, and carefully chosen camera angles to emphasize the grandeur of his subjects. By capturing scenes from low or high perspectives, he manipulates the viewer's perception of scale, immersing them in a world where objects appear larger or smaller than they actually are.

In "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story," Gareth Edwards delivers a truly unforgettable moment when the Death Star slowly eclipses the horizon of Jedha. By employing a wide-angle lens and framing the Death Star against the vast expanse of the planet, he accentuates the sheer scale of this weapon of mass destruction. The gradual reveal builds anticipation and creates a sense of impending doom, effectively immersing the audience in the film's universe.

death star scale size rogue one

Throughout this scene, Gareth Edwards employs a combination of visual storytelling, cinematography, and scale references to convey the immense size of the Death Star. By gradually revealing the Death Star's true scale and utilizing a range of visual techniques, Edwards immerses viewers in the awe-inspiring presence of this iconic Star Wars symbol. 

Expert Utilization of Visual Effects

Edwards' adept utilization of visual effects is crucial in his portrayal of scale. By seamlessly integrating computer-generated imagery (CGI) with live-action footage, he blurs the line between reality and fiction, allowing the audience to suspend disbelief and embrace the monumental dimensions of the worlds he creates.

In his directorial debut, "Monsters," Gareth Edwards expertly combines visual effects and cinematography to depict colossal creatures and their impact on the environment. By incorporating realistic CGI creatures into real-world settings, he establishes a sense of scale that is both believable and visually stunning. Edwards carefully juxtaposes the enormous creatures against familiar landscapes, highlighting their immense size and conveying a genuine sense of awe.

Strategic Sound Design

Scale is not limited to visual elements alone; sound design plays a crucial role in conveying the immensity of objects or creatures. Gareth Edwards recognizes this and leverages sound to reinforce the scale of his cinematic creations.

In his adaptation of "Godzilla," Edwards uses sound design to amplify the colossal scale of the titular creature. Low-frequency rumbles, thunderous footsteps, and reverberating roars permeate the film's soundscape, creating a visceral experience for the audience. These auditory cues enhance the perception of scale, effectively immersing viewers in the presence of a towering, city-leveling behemoth.

Gareth Edwards has proven himself to be a master of conveying scale in his films. Through meticulous attention to detail, immersive world-building, ingenious visual techniques, and thoughtfully designed soundscapes, he transports audiences into expansive worlds filled with awe-inspiring creatures and events. By effectively conveying the sense of scale, Edwards leaves viewers in a state of wonder and amazement.

Edwards also managed to sneak in a cool reference to the Journal of the Whills...


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