Watchmen: The Graphic Novel vs. the Film Adaptation & Squids

21 March 2023
Watchmen, written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Dave Gibbons, is a graphic novel considered a seminal work in the comic book industry. In 2009, director Zack Snyder (Rebel Moon) adapted the novel into a movie. While the film is generally faithful to the source material, there are some significant changes that are worth exploring.

Firstly, the film adaptation of Watchmen has a different pacing than the comic book. The comic book takes its time to flesh out its characters and storylines, while the film rushes through some of the subplots. For example, the film condenses the storyline of the Black Freighter comic book that appears in the margins of the graphic novel, which is a commentary on the main story.

giant squid watchmen ending

One of the most notable changes to the film is the ending. In the comic book, Ozymandias uses a genetically engineered squid to destroy New York City and trick the world into thinking they were under attack by extraterrestrial beings. In the film, the attack is staged using Dr. Manhattan's energy signature, and it kills 15 million people. The change was made to simplify the ending and make it more relatable to modern audiences.

Fans of the comic book were divided in their reaction to the ending of the film. Some were happy with the change, as they believed it made the story more realistic, while others felt that it changed the core message of the graphic novel. In the comic book, the squid attack was a comment on the dangers of nuclear proliferation and the need for cooperation between nations. The film's ending shifts the focus to the dangers of unchecked power and the manipulation of information.

In conclusion, while the Watchmen film adaptation by Zack Snyder is mostly faithful to the source material, there are notable changes that impact the story and its themes. The altered ending is one of the most significant changes and generated a mixed response from fans of the comic book. The film's focus on the dangers of unchecked power and the manipulation of information is a relevant commentary for modern times, but it loses the original message of the graphic novel


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