What is the best order to read the Mortal Engines book series?

13 April 2024
Read the Mortal Engines novels in the order they were published.

That's it friend.

That's all you need to know, you're in for a treat...

What is the best order to read the Mortal Engines book series

Reading the "Mortal Engines" novels in their publication order is essential to fully appreciate Philip Reeve's intricately crafted narrative and the evolutionary development of characters and themes. This sequence allows readers to experience the story as it was originally intended, unveiling the complexities of its post-apocalyptic world gradually and compellingly. 

Starting with "Mortal Engines" and proceeding through the series, readers witness the natural progression of the protagonists' journeys and the deepening of the plot, avoiding any confusion that might arise from preemptive knowledge or missed foundational details.

Moreover, Reeve's world-building—rich with political intrigue, technological innovation, and human drama—builds upon each preceding book, making the unfolding of events and revelations more impactful and engaging when experienced in the order Reeve set forth.

The prequels to the "Mortal Engines" series, starting with "Fever Crumb," serve to significantly enrich the narrative and context of the original quartet by providing a deeper historical background and exploring the origins of key technologies and societies depicted in the main series.

 Reading these prequels after completing the original quartet allows readers to appreciate the clever foreshadowing and intricate connections Philip Reeve has woven into the story. 

This order enhances understanding, as the prequels fill in gaps and answer questions about the genesis of the traction cities and the evolution of the post-apocalyptic world, which might not be fully appreciated if read beforehand. 

Additionally, experiencing the main series first maintains the mystery and suspense built around the world's history, making the revelations in the prequels more impactful and rewarding, as they cast a new light on the established characters and plot lines.

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