Halo: Reach - Easter Eggs

19 March 2024
Halo: Reach, a cornerstone of the Halo franchise developed by Bungie, is not only celebrated for its gripping narrative and intense gameplay but also for its rich tapestry of Easter eggs. 

These hidden treasures offer players a unique blend of humor, nostalgia, and secret nods, enriching the gaming experience. 

Halo Reach Easter EGGS

The Club Errera Experience

One of the most vibrant Easter eggs is found within the mission "Never Surrender." 

Players can unlock a secret discotheque at Club Errera, transforming the game's atmosphere from a battle-ridden landscape to a dance floor. By flipping a switch on a distant platform near the hospital and then navigating back to Club Errera, players are greeted with grunts and a DJ Brute throwing it down to “The Siege of Madrigal.” 

This tune was featured in Bungie's Myth game - and was used as an auditory Easter Egg in Combat Evolved and Halo 2.

This transformation not only serves as a comedic break in the game's intensity but also pays homage to a track that has appeared throughout the Halo series. An additional switch on the building's roof alters the track to a remix, further enhancing the Easter egg's appeal. The termination of the music upon the DJ Brute's demise humorously underscores the fleeting nature of this hidden gem.

The club's name is a reference to Claude Errera, the founder, and webmaster of fansite Halo.bungie.org

A Tribute to Marty O'Donnell

In the "Long Night of Solace" mission, attentive players will notice a marine named "M.O. Donnell," with the service tag MRTY. 

This Easter egg serves as a direct homage to Marty O'Donnell, the composer behind the iconic Halo series music. 

Echoes of Star Wars

Within the "New Alexandria" mission, sharp-eared players might catch a gunner reminiscing, "Just like shooting swamp rats back home." 

This line is a direct nod to Luke Skywalker from Star Wars, referencing his womp rat shooting back on Tatooine and plans to destroy the Death Star. 

Catherine Halsey's Secret Lab

One of the more involved Easter eggs requires players to engage in a series of steps on the "The Package" mission, leading them to Dr. Halsey's hidden laboratory. This Easter egg not only demands cooperative gameplay and exploration but also deepens the game's lore by providing additional narrative elements through seven terminals. 

The effort to uncover this secret space rewards players with a richer understanding of the Halo universe.

The Master Chief Cameo

In a moment of subtle brilliance, players can catch a glimpse of Master Chief aboard the Pillar of Autumn, lying in his casket, if they engage in specific actions during a cutscene. This Easter egg provides a seamless connection to the broader Halo narrative, offering a satisfying nod to fans eager to spot the legendary Spartan.

Reach Racer and the Banshee Bonanza

The game also includes playful Easter eggs such as the Reach Racer and the spawning of four Banshees on "The Package" level. These secrets not only offer alternative gameplay experiences but also challenge players to explore and manipulate the game environment in unconventional ways. 

The necessity of cooperative action to trigger the Banshee appearance underscores Bungie's emphasis on community and shared gaming experiences.


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