Megalopolis: Themes + meaning of Francis Ford Coppola's Magnus Opus

03 February 2024

The Godfather. 

The Conversation. 


Apocalypse Now. 

The man that made these amazing films has finally brought us his magnum opus, Megalpolis.

Francis Ford Coppola self-financed this science fiction drama after years of writing, planning, and delay. Its release stands as the final word on Copolla's place in cinema history. 

Megalopolis: Themes + meaning of Francis Ford Coppola'

The premise of Megalopolis is simple: 

In New York, Julia Cicero finds herself torn between two allegiances: one to her father, Frank, who adheres to a traditional societal perspective, and the other to her architect paramour, Caesar, who champions a more progressive vision for the future. Caesar aspires to transform New York City into a utopian haven, embarking on this ambitious endeavor in the aftermath of a catastrophic disaster.

The themes of the film are less so...

Megalopolis is an epic narrative that explores the dichotomy between classical and progressive visions of society through the lens of a modern-day Rome. 

The film draws heavily on a range of philosophical and literary influences, including works by David Graeber, Hermann Hesse, Riane Eisler, Francis Fukuyama, Evan Thomas, and Stephen Greenblatt, to weave a complex story about political ambition, genius, conflicted love, and the pursuit of utopia in the aftermath of a devastating disaster. 

The protagonist's quest to rebuild New York City as a utopia embodies the film's central themes of ambition, innovation, and the human capacity for both creation and destruction. 

Coppola's ambitious project leverages a rich tapestry of ideas and historical parallels to challenge and engage audiences in a reflection on society's perpetual struggle with its own imperfections and aspirations.


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