"Transformers: Rise of the Beasts" Review: A Thrilling Blend of Action and oddly a somewhat cohesive story line for once

07 January 2024
"Transformers: Rise of the Beasts" emerges as a delightful and coherent addition to the Transformers saga, particularly standing out as a fun and engaging successor to the "Bumblebee" film. Distinctly distancing itself from the narrative chaos often associated with the Mark Wahlberg-led Transformers movies, this latest installment strikes a perfect balance between high-octane action and well-crafted storyline, making it a standout in the franchise.

The narrative of "Rise of the Beasts" is characterized by its clarity and focus. Unlike some of the prior films in the series, which were often criticized for their overly complex and sometimes disjointed plots, this movie follows a more streamlined and logical storyline. 

The film avoids overloading the audience with too many subplots or excessive characters, a common issue in some of the earlier Transformers movies. 

Instead, it concentrates on a central narrative that is both engaging and easy to follow, making it more accessible to a broader audience.

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

A key aspect of the film's coherent storytelling is its well-defined character arcs. Each primary character is given a clear purpose and trajectory, which is interwoven seamlessly into the main plot. This is a departure from some of the previous entries in the franchise, where character development often took a backseat to action and spectacle.

 In "Rise of the Beasts," the characters' motivations and actions directly influence the progression of the story, resulting in a narrative that is both cohesive and character-driven.

Anthony Ramos shines as Noah Diaz - clearly a capable actor, he turns his leaden dialogue into something tangible. 

Another factor contributing to the film's more followable plot is the logical progression of events. The story unfolds in a manner that is easy to track, with each scene and sequence building naturally upon the last. This approach ensures that the audience is not left confused or overwhelmed by sudden jumps or unexplained developments, a critique often leveled at some of the series' previous films (Looking at you, Revenge of the Fallen, The Last Knight).

While "Rise of the Beasts" does not skimp on the trademark action expected from a Transformers movie, it integrates these sequences into the story more effectively than some of its predecessors. Action scenes serve to advance the plot or develop characters, rather than existing merely for spectacle. This integration ensures that even the most high-octane scenes contribute to the overall coherence of the narrative.

A significant highlight of the film is its special effects, especially the transformation sequences. These moments, including a memorable scene where a new Autobot transitions from a sleek sports car to a towering robot mid-chase, are a testament to the advancements in CGI technology. The introduction of new Cybertronian creatures adds a fresh and visually captivating element to the franchise, enhancing the film's aesthetic appeal.

Character development is another strong suit of "Rise of the Beasts." The film delves deeper into human-Autobot relationships, evidenced by poignant scenes that highlight mutual respect and understanding. The primary antagonist, a Scourge, is presented as a serviceable bad guy under the compelling command of Unicron. It's worth noting this is the first Transformer film to not feature a Decepticon - the bad guys and gals are all Terrorcons.

In "Transformers: Rise of the Beasts," nostalgia is not just a background element but a driving force that enriches the film's narrative and emotional resonance. The return of iconic characters such as Optimus Prime is more than a mere callback; it's a celebration of the character's enduring legacy. Prime's presence in the film is replete with moments that pay homage to his depiction in the original animated series, from his noble leadership qualities to his distinctive voice and moral compass. These traits not only reconnect long-time fans to their childhood memories but also introduce new audiences to the essence of what has made Optimus Prime a beloved figure in the Transformers universe.

The film's nostalgic elements reach a poignant climax in the final battle, where Mirage's transformation into armor for Noah is a standout moment. This scene is a direct and thoughtful homage to the exo-suits worn by Spike and Daniel Witwicky in "The Transformers: The Movie" (1986). This reference is more than a visual or thematic echo; it represents a bridging of generations, connecting the rich history of the Transformers franchise with its modern incarnation. 

The exo-suits in the 1986 movie were a symbol of human ingenuity and courage, allowing the characters to stand alongside their Transformer allies in battle. Similarly, in "Rise of the Beasts," Mirage's transformation signifies a deepening bond between humans and Autobots, underscoring the themes of unity and cooperation that have been central to the series.

In conclusion, "Transformers: Rise of the Beasts" is an fun film that expertly balances action, character depth, and storytelling. Its ability to interweave new elements with nostalgic callbacks results in a movie that honors the Transformers legacy while innovatively advancing it. The film is a testament to the enduring appeal of the Transformers universe, continuing to captivate audiences with its imaginative world and exhilarating storytelling.


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