Who does Anya Taylor Joy play in Furiosa: A Mad Max saga?

02 December 2023

Anya Taylor-Joy, acclaimed for her versatile and captivating performances such as Split, is set to take on the role of Furiosa in the upcoming film "Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga," a prequel to the highly successful "Mad Max: Fury Road." This role, originally portrayed by Charlize Theron, is a significant one in the Mad Max universe, and Taylor-Joy's casting speaks to her rising prominence in the film industry. 


"Furiosa" will explore the backstory of this iconic character, delving into her origins and the events that shaped her into the warrior seen in "Fury Road." Taylor-Joy's proven ability to embody complex, strong-willed characters makes her an exciting choice for this role. 

Her unique blend of intensity and nuance seems ideally suited to bring a younger version of Furiosa to life, offering a fresh perspective on the character while maintaining the spirit that made her a standout in the original film. The anticipation for "Furiosa: A Mad Max" is heightened by the prospect of seeing how Taylor-Joy will interpret this beloved character, potentially adding new layers to Furiosa's already rich narrative.

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Taylor plays the protagonist to Chris Hemsworth's Dementus antagonist


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