Themes of Thunder City from Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve

03 December 2023

Philip Reeve's "Thunder City," as a prequel to the celebrated Mortal Engines series, offers a rich tapestry of themes that both align with and expand upon the universe's established motifs. The synopsis hints at an intricate narrative interwoven with themes of survival, identity, rebellion, and the quest for power, all set against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic world where cities move on wheels and society is reconstructed amidst the ruins of technology.

Themes of Thunder City from Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve

At its core, "Thunder City" explores the primal theme of survival in a world where humanity clings to existence in mobile cities. Tamzin Pook, a fighter who specializes in killing Revenants, embodies this struggle. Her life in the Amusement Arcade, a place where survival is contingent upon combat prowess, reflects the harsh realities of living in a world ravaged by past calamities. This theme of survival is a thread that runs through the Mortal Engines series, emphasizing the lengths to which individuals and communities will go to preserve their existence in a hostile environment.

Tamzin's character arc, from a child survivor to a formidable fighter, also delves into themes of identity and memory. By pushing away her memories, hopes, and fears, Tamzin represents the idea that in a world constantly threatened by destruction, the past can be a burden, and forgetting can be a means of survival. The journey drives towards self-discovery and confronting one's past, hinting at the importance of memory and history in understanding one's identity and finding strength in adversity.

The takeover of Motoropolis by a rebel faction introduces the theme of rebellion and the quest for power, central to the Mortal Engines universe. The conflict between the usurpers and the rightful leaders of Motoropolis reflects the larger struggles within this post-apocalyptic society, where power vacuums often lead to chaos and the rise of opportunistic factions. Miss Torpenhow's mission to restore order by reinstating the mayor's son underscores the belief in legitimate governance and the complexities of leadership in a fractured world.

Themes of Thunder City from Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve

The formation of an "unlikely crew of fighters-turned friends" points to a theme of unity in diversity and the strength of camaraderie. The diverse backgrounds and skills of Tamzin, Hilly Torpenhow, Max Angmering, and Oddington Doom exemplify how, even in a fragmented world, individuals can come together for a common cause. Their joint effort to outwit assassins and reclaim Motoropolis symbolizes hope and the potential for renewal through collective action, a recurring motif in Reeve's work.

The Mortal Engines series often grapples with themes of technological advancement and its environmental impact, suggesting that "Thunder City" may also explore these issues. The concept of cities on wheels, the Revenants, and the post-apocalyptic setting all serve as cautionary tales about the consequences of unchecked technological progress and environmental degradation, urging readers to contemplate the balance between innovation and sustainability.

tamsin pook thunder  city concept art

"Thunder City" promises to be a compelling addition to the Mortal Engines universe, weaving together themes of survival, identity, rebellion, and the power of unity. Through its exploration of these themes, the novel not only continues the tradition of the series but also offers new insights into the challenges and opportunities of living in a post-apocalyptic world. As readers follow the adventures of Tamzin Pook and her companions, they are invited to reflect on the enduring human spirit and the possibility of redemption and renewal in the face of overwhelming odds.


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