Mr Robot references made in Leave the World Behind - Easter Eggs

13 December 2023
"Leave the World Behind," directed by Sam Esmail, skillfully integrates subtle yet significant references to the critically acclaimed series "Mr. Robot," also created by Esmail. 

These references not only create a mortal connection between the two narratives but also enrich the film's storyline by leveraging the established universe of "Mr. Robot." 

But only if you, the viewer, are in the know. 

Let's explore these in-universe references in detail:

1. Conversation about Hackers and Power Plant Incident

In "Leave the World Behind," a conversation referencing hackers infiltrating a power plant and nearly causing a meltdown serves as a direct nod to "Mr. Robot." This incident is reminiscent of the series' plot, where hacking and cyber-security threats are central themes. The conversation in the film likely alludes to the events orchestrated by the show's protagonist, Elliot Alderson, and his group, Society. 

This reference not only establishes a timeline connecting the film to the series (set 4-5 years after the conclusion of "Mr. Robot") but also illustrates the lingering impact of the series' events on the world of "Leave the World Behind."

mr robot in universe easter eggs leave the world behind

2. The E Corp Laptop in the Kitchen

The presence of a laptop with the E Corp logo in the film's kitchen scene is a particularly overt reference to "Mr. Robot." E Corp, or Evil Corp as it's commonly referred to in the series, is the massive conglomerate that Elliot and his group target. 

By including this logo, the film subtly acknowledges the continued existence and influence of E Corp in its universe. This detail not only serves as an Easter egg for fans but also suggests the overarching presence and perhaps the ongoing malevolence of E Corp in this shared narrative universe.

3. Kevin Bacon and the Yellow Emergency Kits

A scene in "Leave the World Behind" features Kevin Bacon's character Danny loading his pickup truck outside a grocery store, where viewers can spot yellow emergency preparedness kits. These kits are a direct visual reference to "Mr. Robot," where they symbolize the societal and economic upheaval caused by the series' events. t

Their appearance in the film suggests a world still reeling from or preparing for crises, a theme central to both "Mr. Robot" and "Leave the World Behind."

The scene also serves as a reunion of sorts for Julia Roberts and Bacon who both starred in Flatliners.

4. The Novel "Beach Towel" by Otto Irving

The inclusion of the novel "Beach Towel," authored by Otto Irving, a character from "Mr. Robot," is a unique form of intertextuality. It serves as a reference and a bridge between the two narratives. This novel within the film acts as a tangible piece of the "Mr. Robot" universe, further solidifying the connection between the two works. It indicates a shared cultural and literary history, enhancing the depth and complexity of both narratives.

These references, while they might appear as mere Easter eggs to the uninitiated, actually play a significant role in enriching the narrative of "Leave the World Behind." They create a layered storytelling experience, particularly for fans of "Mr. Robot," who can appreciate the nuanced world-building efforts of Sam Esmail

Moreover, these references serve to expand the universe of "Mr. Robot," offering glimpses into its aftermath and the ongoing impact of its events on the world.


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