Themes of Civil War - written and directed by Alex Garland (2024)

09 December 2023
Filmmaker Alex Garland has a long way since he first hit a note with his script for The Beach.

Throughout the last 20 years Garland has had a steering hand in many classic gems of films - the pitch-perfect Dredd, the scary bear movie - Annihilation, the overlooked Men and the A.I. classic of Ex Machina.

Produced by A24 films, Civil War delves into themes of governmental power, societal division, and the role of journalism in conflict. Set in a dystopian future United States America at war with its citizens, the film likely explores how governments may misuse power against their people. 

So hardly states that are united then...

It emphasizes the importance of journalism in such contexts, underscoring the role of the media in exposing truths during war and holding power accountable.

civil war film themes garland

Alex Garland's casting choices amplify the exploration of its central themes. 

Jesse Plemons, as a soldier, embodies the turmoil and moral ambiguity faced by those caught in the midst of civil strife. His character likely grapples with loyalty to the state versus moral righteousness, highlighting the personal cost of war.

Nick Offerman's role as the president adds a layer of complexity to the theme of governmental overreach. His portrayal may delve into the psyche of a leader in times of crisis, exploring how power can corrupt and the thin line between protecting national security and infringing on civil liberties.

Kirsten Dunst's character, a journalist, becomes a beacon of truth in a clouded war narrative. Through her journey, the film likely scrutinizes the media's responsibility and challenges in war-reporting. Her role underscores the crucial function of journalism in shaping public opinion, exposing government actions, and safeguarding democratic principles.

Each character contributes to a multifaceted discussion about the impact of civil war on individuals from different societal strata. They represent the diverse perspectives within a nation struggling with internal conflict, authoritarian governance, and the quest for truth. The film, therefore, becomes more than just a narrative; it's a reflection on contemporary issues like media censorship, ethical governance, and societal division.


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