The Force Awakens: 6 Subtle Moments

20 October 2023

The Star Wars universe is a galaxy far, far away, but it's also a realm of intricate details and subtle storytelling. While "The Force Awakens" is packed with action and drama, it also contains moments that may not be immediately obvious but are deeply meaningful. Let's take a closer look at these nuanced elements that add layers to the narrative.

1. The Fading Light: Kylo Ren's Choice

In the emotionally charged scene where Kylo Ren kills his father Han Solo, the lighting plays a significant role. Bathed in both blue and red light, Kylo Ren's face becomes a battleground between the light and dark sides of the Force.

As he makes the devastating choice to kill his father, the Starkiller Base drains the last remnants of solar energy from the sun, symbolizing the extinguishing of Kylo Ren's inner light. Poe Dameron's earlier comment about having a chance "while there is still light" gains a tragic resonance here.

rey's name meaning force awakens

2. A Ray of Light: The Significance of Rey's Name

Rey is not just a character; she's a concept. Her name, pronounced the same as "ray," subtly hints at her role as a beacon of light in a galaxy overshadowed by darkness. This nuance is further emphasized during her self-defense scene, which serves to show that she possesses the combat skills needed to stand her ground against Kylo Ren, especially when combined with the debilitating effects of Chewbacca's bowcaster shot.

chewie han force awakens

3. Chewie's Warmth: More Than Just Fur

When Chewbacca complains about the cold on Starkiller Base, Han Solo teases him, saying, "You're cold?" The moment is brief but poignant, as Chewbacca later picks up Han's dropped jacket, offering it to him to ward off the chill. It's a small gesture that speaks volumes about their deep friendship.

4. The Voice of Wisdom: Obi-Wan's Voice Cameo

Among the many cameos in "The Force Awakens," Obi-Wan Kenobi's voice-over stands out. During Rey's flashback sequence triggered by touching Luke's lightsaber, she hears Obi-Wan say, "Rey! These are your first steps."

The line is a blend of both Alec Guinness and Ewan McGregor's voices, a technical feat that adds depth to the moment and connects Rey to the larger Jedi legacy.

Someone is watching over her indeed.

5. Yoda's Whisper: A Subtle Inclusion

In the same flashback sequence, Yoda's voice can also be heard, although it's easy to miss amidst the whirlwind of images and sounds. This subtle inclusion serves as a nod to Rey's connection to the broader Force community and the wisdom that guides her.

6. Han's Quick Thinking: Echoing A New Hope

When Han Solo pushes one of the space pirates into the path of the rampaging Rathtar, it's a modern echo of the infamous "Han shot first" moment with Greedo in "A New Hope." It's a quick but telling moment that reaffirms Han's quick-thinking.


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