Discussion: Sabine Wren's choice to hand over the map to Baylan Skoll

09 September 2023
In the ever-expanding Star Wars universe, characters often find themselves at crossroads, making decisions that not only affect their futures but also the fate of the galaxy. One such pivotal moment occurs in Ahsoka Episode 4, where Sabine Wren faces a moral and emotional dilemma that has left fans divided.

The following discussion delves into the complexities of Sabine's decision to hand over a crucial map to Baylan, exploring the intricate layers of her character and the emotional weight that influenced her choice.

As we discuss this, bear in mind she just witnessed what she thought was the death of Ashoka...

sabine gives the map to baylan ashoka

The Weight of the Past

Sabine is not the same person we knew from Star Wars Rebels. 

She's been through a lot, and the loss of her found family, including Ezra, has left her emotionally vulnerable. She's desperate to find some semblance of the family she once had, and this desperation is something Baylan picks up on almost immediately. He doesn't need to use the Force to read her; her emotions are an open book.

Sabine's internal struggle is palpable. On one hand, she's got this strong moral compass that led her to defect from the Empire. On the other, she's got this almost unbearable weight of loneliness and loss.

When she thinks Ahsoka is dead, it's like the universe is telling her she's got nothing left to lose. So, when Baylan offers her a sliver of hope, a chance to find Ezra, it's almost like she's got no choice but to take it.

The Ghosts of Choices Past

Sabine has always been a character who uses her resources wisely. She knows she's not the greatest with a lightsaber, but she's got her Mandalorian armour, guns and her quick thinking.

In this moment, though, all the tech in the galaxy couldn't have helped her make this choice. It's raw, it's emotional, and it's human. She's always been the one to think on her feet, to find a third option when presented with two bad ones. But here, it's like all those paths have closed off, and she's funneled into this one decision.

sabine map baylon

The Ripple Effect

The implications of her choice are massive.

We're talking about potentially bringing back Grand Admiral Thrawn and, by extension, a new version of the Empire. But Sabine's always been one to play the long game. 

Who's to say she doesn't have a plan? 

Maybe she thinks it's better she's there when they find Ezra, so she can control the narrative somewhat.

Or maybe, just maybe, she's hoping for a chance to set things right down the line.

The Complexity of Being Human

What this all boils down to is the complexity of human (or in this case, Mandalorian) emotion. Choices aren't always cut and dry, and sometimes the "right" choice is the one that feels the least wrong at the moment. 

Sabine's decision to hand over the map doesn't make her weak or morally compromised. It makes her complex, layered, and incredibly, painfully human. And that's what makes this moment, and her character, so compelling.

It means we're gonna catch up with Ezra...


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