Review of "Island Escape" by Director Bruce Wemple

27 September 2023
"Island Escape" is a 2023 science fiction horror film directed and written by Bruce Wemple. The film has been a subject of discussion for its ambitious blending of genres, including science fiction, horror, and action. Despite its intriguing premise and thematic depth, it has received a lukewarm reception, as evidenced by its IMDb rating of 3.0 out of 10. This review aims to dissect the various elements that make up "Island Escape," from its plot and themes to its direction and reception.

The film is set on the Isle of Gran Manan, where a mysterious accident occurs at a research camp. A CEO, concerned about his daughter who is a scientist at the camp, hires a team of blue-collar mercenaries for a rescue mission. The plot takes a twist when the team discovers that the island is enveloped by a wormhole, causing a time loop that resets every three days.

Additionally, the island is infested with monstrous creatures that pose a significant threat. The mercenaries find themselves in a race against time, not just to save the scientist but also to escape the island's deadly clutches. The plot's complexity lies in its layering of multiple challenges, from time manipulation to creature attacks, making it a labyrinthine journey for both the characters and the audience.
island escape review

Bruce Wemple is no stranger to the science fiction and horror genres, and "Island Escape" serves as a canvas for him to paint familiar yet subverted tropes. The film starts by luring the audience into a sense of familiarity with well-known genre elements, only to flip these on their heads as the story progresses. Themes of time, space, and reality are intricately woven into the narrative. The wormhole and time-reset mechanism serve as metaphors for existential dilemmas, questioning the nature of reality and the concept of fate versus free will. The monstrous creatures add a layer of horror, serving as both literal and metaphorical obstacles that the characters must overcome.

Wemple's directorial approach is meticulous, starting with a detailed outline before moving on to the screenplay. His storytelling is a blend of his favorite elements from iconic films like "Predator," "Alien," and "Terminator," as well as lesser-known but thematically rich films like "Triangle" and "Coherence." His writing process involves extensive planning, including creating what he calls the "Campfire Version" of the story—a detailed document that serves as a blueprint for the screenplay. This methodical approach allows him to craft a narrative that is both complex and cohesive, even if it risks alienating audiences looking for a more straightforward genre film.

The film's reception has been mixed, with some critics and audiences appreciating its ambitious storytelling but others finding it a "bumpy ride into familiar territory." The low IMDb rating suggests that the film may have missed the mark in fully delivering on its promises. It raises the question of whether its complex narrative and thematic depth were too ambitious for a mainstream audience, or if the execution fell short of the concept's potential.

"Island Escape" is a film that aims high, seeking to blend complex themes and multiple genres into a single, cohesive narrative. While it offers an intellectually stimulating experience with its exploration of time, space, and existential themes, it appears to have not fully resonated with a broader audience. Despite its shortcomings, it stands as a testament to Bruce Wemple's ambition and creativity, making it a noteworthy addition to his filmography and a point of interest for those who appreciate intricate, thought-provoking narratives.


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