The Symbolism of the Super Rats in "Joker" Film

01 July 2023
"Joker," directed by Todd Phillips and starring Joaquin Phoenix (Her, Folie a Deux), is a film renowned for its deep exploration of the descent into madness. Amidst the chaos and turmoil that permeates Gotham City, a particular symbol stands out—super rats. 

They made blink and you'll miss em appearances:

super rats joker film symbolism

You can also see them in rubbish bins and two in particular in the alleyway behind young Bruce Wayne as he stands before his dead parents. As he stands, the reality of what just happened dawning on him, the rats do not care and scavenge in the rubbish behind him.

These larger-than-life rodents serve as more than mere visual elements; they are integral to the film's rich tapestry of symbolism. In this discussion, we will delve into the symbolism of the super rats in "The Joker" and explore the layers of meaning they contribute to the narrative.

Social Decay and Desperation

The introduction of super rats mirrors the overall decay of Gotham City. These rodents, growing to abnormal sizes due to the garbage crisis and societal neglect, mirror the moral degradation and corruption that have infected the city. 

Just as the rats feed on the filth and excess, the characters in the film, including the Joker himself, are products of their environment. The super rats symbolize the desperation and lack of hope felt by the marginalized and oppressed citizens of Gotham, pushed to their limits by a society that has failed them.

Individual vs. Society

The super rats can be interpreted as a representation of the tension between individual agency and societal influence. The Joker's transformation is, in part, a reaction to the uncaring world around him. Similarly, the super rats serve as a visual reminder that societal forces can lead to the growth of monstrous aspects in individuals, paralleling the Joker's own descent into madness. 

The rats illustrate how the environment can shape individuals, blurring the lines between the "monstrous" and the "normal."

Power and Vulnerability

The super rats are not only emblematic of decay but also a display of power. They exhibit strength and dominance that contradicts their traditional portrayal as vermin. This mirrors the Joker's journey from a vulnerable and powerless Arthur Fleck to the assertive and unpredictable figure he becomes. The super rats remind viewers that power can be reclaimed in unexpected ways and that those who are underestimated can rise to assert their influence.

Anarchy and Liberation

The super rats might also symbolize the chaos and anarchy that the Joker embraces. Just as the rats overrun the city streets, defying attempts at control, the Joker defies societal norms and rules, bringing his version of chaos. The super rats can be seen as a manifestation of liberation from societal constraints, mirroring the Joker's own liberation from his prior identity and limitations.

In "The Joker," the symbolism of the super rats serves as a multi-faceted metaphor that adds depth to the film's exploration of social decay, individual struggle, power dynamics, and anarchy. These larger-than-life rodents represent the world's ugliness, the fragility of sanity, and the potential for transformation in a society that has forsaken its most vulnerable members. 

As viewers engage with "The Joker," dissecting the symbolism of the super rats enhances the understanding of the film's larger themes and provides insight into the complex character development and societal critique that define this cinematic masterpiece. 

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