21 July 2023
"Lost in Translation," the sixth episode of "Strange New Worlds" Season 2, captivates audiences with its intriguing blend of mystery, sci-fi suspense, scares, and inspiration. Building on the emotional depth established in previous episodes, this installment delves deeper into the personal journeys of the characters, particularly Ensign Uhura, portrayed with brilliance by Celia Rose Gooding.

The episode opens with the Enterprise dispatched to a nebula to oversee a troublesome deuterium refinery near Gorn space. The promotion of Pike to Fleet Captain for this mission sets the stage for leadership dynamics to be explored. While the plot seems like an easy mission to complete, it quickly becomes evident that something unusual is happening. 

The "Previously On..." intro sets the tone by teasing significant repercussions for ongoing storylines, including the restoration of the proper timeline that erases a moment between Kirk and La'an.


Uhura's emotional journey takes center stage as she becomes increasingly troubled by a mysterious signal that only she can hear. Her visions, combined with sleep deprivation and deuterium poisoning, push her to the brink. Celia Rose Gooding's powerful performance skillfully conveys Uhura's fear, confusion, and vulnerability, making her character's struggles incredibly relatable and engrossing.

The return of Bruce Horak as Hemmer, even as an avatar for the invisible alien species, adds a layer of emotion to the episode. Uhura's breakdown over Hemmer's loss brings back the pain of her parents' death in a shuttle accident, as revealed in "Children of the Comet" in Season 1. This exploration of Uhura's past tragedy and her avoidance of facing death head-on adds depth to her character and enhances the overall emotional impact of the episode.

The introduction of James T. Kirk, played by Paul Wesley, provides an outsider's perspective on Uhura's emotional turmoil. The episode handles their interactions well, allowing a glimpse into their budding friendship without overshadowing the central plot. Kirk's reunion with his brother Sam also delves into the complex family dynamics, echoing classic Star Trek themes that explore personal relationships within the larger narrative.

Additionally, the episode seamlessly weaves in familiar Star Trek elements and Easter eggs, such as bussard collectors, Saurian brandy, and references to past series and films.

"Lost in Translation" pays homage to the rich history of the Star Trek franchise through various references and Easter eggs, seamlessly woven into the episode. From the use of bussard collectors, a staple in starship design, to the classic Saurian brandy, familiar elements evoke a sense of nostalgia for long-time fans. Additionally, the reunion of James T. Kirk and his brother Sam recalls classic themes of family dynamics explored in past series. 

The episode cleverly nods to Star Trek: The Original Series by featuring the interaction between Kirk and Spock, marking their first meeting in the Prime Timeline. Furthermore, the inclusion of Admiral Nogura, a character introduced in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, adds an exciting connection to the broader Star Trek lore. By incorporating these references and Easter eggs, "Lost in Translation" honors the franchise's legacy while maintaining its own unique and captivating narrative.

One slight criticism of the episode is that the sci-fi plot involving the invisible alien species feels rushed at times, with certain elements not fully explored. However, the emotional payoffs and character-driven moments more than compensate for this minor drawback.

"Lost in Translation" exemplifies the best aspects of "Strange New Worlds," showcasing the series' ability to balance new and old, while expertly interweaving character development with intriguing sci-fi concepts. The emotional depth, coupled with standout performances from the cast, especially Celia Rose Gooding, and the return of Bruce Horak, elevates this episode to a memorable and compelling installment.

As the season progresses, the anticipation of the Lower Decks crossover grows, and "Strange New Worlds" continues to impress with its captivating storytelling and its skillful incorporation of familiar Star Trek elements. With this episode as a benchmark, the future of "Strange New Worlds" looks promising, promising more exciting adventures and emotional journeys for the Enterprise crew.

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