Loki Season 1 Review: Unraveling the God of Mischief's Multifaceted Journey

28 July 2023
Loki, the Disney Plus original series, takes viewers on a thrilling adventure through time, space, and identity. The show centers around the infamous God of Mischief, Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston, who finds himself entangled in the Time Variance Authority's (TVA) cosmic affairs. 

With a rich blend of character exploration, intricate storytelling, and thought-provoking themes, Loki's first season succeeds in redefining the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) while delving into the complexities of its protagonist.

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Themes of Loki

1. Identity and Self-Discovery: Throughout the first season, Loki grapples with his identity, confronted by different versions of himself from alternate timelines. As he encounters his variants, notably in Episode 5 ("Journey Into Mystery"), he begins to question his motivations, actions, and purpose. The show explores the idea of self-discovery and how confronting one's past selves can lead to personal growth and transformation. A pivotal moment comes when he meets President Loki and other Loki variants at the Void's end, culminating in an introspective journey.

2. Free Will vs. Determinism: The TVA enforces a rigid notion of a predestined timeline, eradicating "variants" that deviate from it. This raises philosophical questions about free will versus determinism, particularly evident in Episode 2 ("The Variant") when Loki tries to understand the TVA's approach to maintaining order. He challenges Mobius' (Owen Wilson) perspective, showcasing his desire to forge his own path against the predetermined order.

3. Power and Control: The concept of power and control is a recurring theme in the series. The TVA holds ultimate power over the multiverse, shaping the destinies of countless beings. Loki, too, is no stranger to seeking power, evident in Episode 1 ("Glorious Purpose") when he confronts the TVA's might. However, the show forces him to confront the consequences of his actions and consider the ethical implications of wielding power over others.

4. Betrayal and Trust: Loki's history is tainted with betrayal, and the show explores the complexities of trust in relationships. As he navigates through treacherous alliances and unlikely friendships, Episode 4 ("The Nexus Event") showcases Loki's growing bond with Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino), a variant version of himself. This episode delves deep into the themes of trust and vulnerability, culminating in a poignant moment that adds emotional depth to the story.

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The Main Loki:

In the first season, the main Loki featured is the version that diverged from the original timeline during the events of "Avengers: Endgame." After stealing the Tesseract, this Loki finds himself apprehended by the TVA, an organization responsible for preserving the "Sacred Timeline" and preventing multiverse chaos. This version of Loki is still largely characterized by his mischievous and self-serving tendencies, as seen in Episode 3 ("Lamentis") when he attempts to deceive Sylvie to escape an apocalypse. However, he begins to undergo significant growth and introspection as he confronts his past and future selves.

Over the course of the season, viewers witness the evolution of Loki from a chaotic and untrustworthy antagonist to a more self-aware, empathetic, and heroic figure. Tom Hiddleston's exceptional performance further adds depth to the character, capturing the nuances of Loki's emotional journey and inner turmoil. One standout moment is in Episode 6 ("For All Time. Always."), where Loki faces the enigmatic He Who Remains (Jonathan Majors), and the revelation of his true intentions leaves viewers spellbound.

Merits of the Show

Loki's first season boasts several merits that have been widely praised by both fans and critics alike. The series' innovative storytelling and engaging character arcs have been lauded for offering a refreshing take on the MCU. The combination of time-travel elements and cosmic settings brings a unique flair to the show, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats with each episode's revelations.

Reception and Ratings

Upon its release, Loki received critical acclaim and garnered a devoted fan following. Audiences praised the show's complexity, hailing it as one of the most daring and inventive entries in the MCU. IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes have consistently displayed high audience ratings, highlighting the overwhelmingly positive response from viewers.

Acting Charms of the Lead Actors

Tom Hiddleston's portrayal of Loki continues to be one of the show's most captivating aspects. His charm, wit, and emotional range elevate every scene he appears in, effortlessly captivating the audience's attention. Hiddleston's nuanced performance allows viewers to empathize with Loki's journey of self-discovery, making him an even more compelling and relatable character.

Sophia Di Martino's portrayal of Sylvie is equally praiseworthy, bringing a unique energy and vulnerability to the character. The chemistry between Hiddleston and Di Martino shines through their interactions, making Sylvie's presence a welcome addition to the MCU.



Loki's first season is a multifaceted Marvel triumph that showcases the brilliance of its themes, storytelling, and acting performances. The show's exploration of identity, free will, power, and trust adds depth to the narrative, while Tom Hiddleston's charismatic portrayal of Loki is a standout. The series has received widespread acclaim and resonated with audiences, cementing its place as a compelling addition to the MCU. As fans eagerly await future seasons, Loki's impact on the Marvel universe is sure to endure, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-expanding multiverse.

Loki's first season is a triumph, skillfully weaving together intriguing themes and a captivating character arc. With its exploration of identity, free will, power, and trust, the show transcends the typical superhero narrative, making it a standout addition to the MCU. Tom Hiddleston's portrayal of Loki is a tour de force, showcased not only through his interactions with other characters but also in iconic scenes like the emotional confrontation with Mobius in Episode 2. 

As the season concludes, viewers are left eagerly anticipating what the future holds for Loki and the wider Marvel universe, especially after the mind-bending events of Episode 6, which have opened up new possibilities for the multiverse.

Shame that Johnathan Majors turned out to be a piece of shit. 


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