What are the Scribes in Rebel Moon?

07 June 2023

In Zack Snyder's film "Rebel Moon," the Scribes are depicted as individuals with the unique ability to store and transfer information through their DNA. According to Snyder, these individuals are put into stasis, effectively turning their bodies into hard drives. This implies that their genetic material contains vast amounts of recorded history and knowledge.

scribes rebel moon motherworld record keeper

The Scribes serve as the record-keepers of the Mother World, responsible for documenting history and preserving it for future generations. Their ability to transfer what they see suggests that they can extract their stored memories and share them with others. This allows individuals to experience historical events as if they were memories.

However, Snyder also mentions that the Scribes can be manipulated by politics, implying that their recordings may not always be impartial or comprehensive. It suggests that they are influenced by external forces and might write down only what they are instructed or allowed to, rather than providing an unbiased account of events.

The concept of the Scribes in "Rebel Moon" appears to combine elements of genetic memory and the manipulation of historical records. Their role in the film seems to be intertwined with political power, suggesting that their ability to record history is not without its limitations and potential for abuse.


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