The twist ending(s) of The Prestige explained

29 June 2023

"The Prestige," directed by Christopher Nolan (Inception), is a thrilling mystery-drama that explores the world of stage magic and illusion. The film revolves around two rival magicians, Robert Angier (played by Hugh Jackman) and Alfred Borden (played by Christian Bale), as they engage in a bitter competition to create the ultimate illusion. The movie builds up to a stunning double twist ending that reveals the true nature of their rivalry.

Throughout the film, both Angier and Borden perform remarkable magic tricks, each trying to outdo the other. One of the central tricks featured in the story is called "The Transported Man." Angier becomes obsessed with uncovering Borden's secret behind this trick, as he is unable to replicate it despite his best efforts. Borden, on the other hand, guards the secret of his trick with unwavering dedication.

the prestige film twist

As the narrative unfolds, the movie cleverly uses a non-linear structure to tell the story from multiple perspectives and timelines. The audience is introduced to two diaries—one belonging to Angier and the other to Borden—which reveal their inner thoughts and motivations. This storytelling technique adds to the suspense and mystery, keeping viewers guessing throughout the film.

The twist ending of "The Prestige" is unveiled in the final moments of the movie, tying together the various narrative threads and exposing the shocking truth. It is revealed that Borden has been leading a double life as twin brothers—Alfred Borden and Fallon. Throughout the film, he has been switching between these two identities, keeping his secret hidden even from those closest to him.

The revelation is triggered by Angier's relentless pursuit of Borden's secret. In his quest to discover the secret behind "The Transported Man," Angier stumbles upon a radical scientific invention known as "The Machine" or "The Tesla Device." The machine, created by the famous inventor Nikola Tesla, has the power to clone living beings. Angier, driven by his desire to outshine Borden, decides to use this machine to create an even more extraordinary illusion.

Angier begins performing a modified version of "The Transported Man" using the cloning machine. However, his version of the trick involves sacrificing a clone with each performance. Each time the trick is performed, a perfect duplicate of Angier is created, while the original falls into a tank of water and drowns. The clone, believing itself to be the real Angier, continues the performance and the cycle repeats.

The twist occurs when Borden, who has been aware of Angier's pursuit of "The Transported Man" secret, infiltrates one of Angier's performances. He discovers the tank beneath the stage where the original Angier falls and drowns. However, to his horror, he finds multiple tanks with drowned Angiers inside, revealing the extent of Angier's use of the cloning machine.

Borden realizes that Angier's pursuit of the ultimate illusion came at a tremendous cost—his own life, over and over again. In contrast, Borden's secret was simply that he had an identical twin brother, allowing them to take turns performing as Alfred Borden and Fallon. This revelation casts a new light on the rivalry between the two magicians. While Borden's secret was relatively simple, Angier went to extreme lengths, sacrificing countless clones of himself to achieve his goals.

The twist ending of "The Prestige" highlights the themes of sacrifice, obsession, and the blurred line between illusion and reality. It challenges the audience's perception of the characters and forces them to question the morality of Angier's actions and the lengths people are willing to go for their ambitions.


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