The plot twist ending of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny explained

30 June 2023
"Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny" is set in 1969, a tumultuous time in both Indiana Jones' personal life and the world at large. The film explores the themes of redemption, family, and the consequences of meddling with history. Harrison Ford (Bladerunner) reprises his iconic role as the swashbuckling archaeologist, Indiana Jones, for the fifth and final time.

The story begins with a flashback to 1944 during World War II. Indiana Jones and his colleague Basil Shaw, an archaeologist from Oxford, are captured by Nazis while attempting to retrieve the Lance of Longinus (the sword that supposedly pierced into the skin of Jesus Christ whilst he was nailed to his cross). 

At the same time, Jürgen Voller, an astrophysicist working for the Nazis, discovers half of Archimedes's Dial, a mysterious device with the power to manipulate time. Realizing its potential, Voller informs his superiors and eventually sets out on a quest to find the missing pieces of the Dial.

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In a thrilling escape, Indiana Jones manages to rescue Shaw and obtain the Dial's first piece. However, he is unable to prevent Voller from escaping with the Lance, which is later revealed to be a fake. The two pieces of the Dial hold the key to locating fissures in time and altering history itself.

Fast forward to 1969, and Indiana Jones finds himself estranged from his wife Marion Ravenwood following the death of their son Mutt during the Vietnam War. Jones, now a professor at Hunter College, is being pushed into retirement. However, his life takes an unexpected turn when he is approached by his goddaughter Helena Shaw, who is studying archaeology and has become a treasure hunter in her own right. Helena informs Jones that her father, Basil, was driven to near-insanity while trying to unlock the secrets of the Dial. Jones had promised Basil to destroy it, but he never fulfilled his promise.

Jones and Helena embark on a journey to find the missing piece of the Dial and prevent Voller from using its power to alter history. They face numerous challenges along the way, including attacks from Voller's henchmen and a CIA group led by Agent Mason, who has her own agenda. Helena, however, reveals her true intention to sell the Dial at a black market auction. This revelation strains their relationship and adds a layer of complexity to their mission.

The adventure takes them to various locations, from New York City to Tangier, Greece, and Sicily.

In a climactic sequence, Jones, Helena, and Teddy Kumar, Helena's loyal sidekick, confront Voller in Greece. They enlist the help of Renaldo, a deep-sea diver, to retrieve the key to the second piece of the Dial from the Aegean Sea. However, their plans are foiled when Voller kills Renaldo and obtains the second piece of the Dial himself. 

Determined to rewrite history, Voller captures Jones, reassembles the Dial, and unveils his plan to travel back in time to 1939 and assassinate Adolf Hitler, hoping to correct the mistakes of the past and reshape the outcome of World War II.

Jones and Helena's resilience and resourcefulness are put to the test as they face off against Voller and his dangerous ambitions. However, when they activate the Dial of Destiny, they are transported not to 1939 but to 212 BC during the Siege of Syracuse. Their plans go awry, and Voller and his men meet their demise in a plane crash.

It's an unexpected plot twist for an Indiana Jones film indeed!

In the ancient past, gravely injured and believing that he can make a greater impact on history if he remains, Indiana Jones contemplates sacrificing himself and becoming a part of ancient history. However, Helena refuses to abandon him, fearing the catastrophic consequences of altering the timeline. As they grapple with this dilemma, Archimedes himself emerges from his workshop to investigate the crash. Recognizing the significance of the Dial, Archimedes returns the version of the device that Jones and Helena brought from the future. Helena knocks Jones unconscious and sends him back to 1969 aboard Teddy's plane, saving him from becoming trapped in the past.

Jones awakens in his apartment, and eventually becomes surrounded by his loved ones: Helena, Teddy, Sallah, and his grandchildren. Marion is also present, Indy reconciles with her in a sweet call back to Raiders of the Lost Ark and they share a passionate kiss, symbolizing their renewed bond. The film ends on a note of reunion, redemption, and the importance of family.

"Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny" weaves together historical events, thrilling action sequences, and personal journeys of the characters. It explores the consequences of tampering with history and the importance of making peace with the past. While facing the challenges of a changing world, Indiana Jones proves once again that he is a timeless hero, leaving a lasting legacy in the Indiana Jones franchise.

Our take is it's not worthing pay to view at the Cinema but worth a stream on Disney +.


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