Josh Trank: A Filmmaker's Rise and Fall in Hollywood

21 June 2023

Josh Trank, a filmmaker who experienced a meteoric rise in Hollywood followed by a sudden fall, captivated audiences and industry insiders alike with his talent and potential. This essay aims to delve into the personal behaviors that contributed to Trank's rise and fall while examining the profound influence of the Hollywood industry.

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Josh Trank's journey began with a passion for filmmaking that took root in his early life. As a young and ambitious filmmaker, he displayed remarkable talent and a unique vision.

Check out this short film he made about Star Wars called Stabbing at Leia's 22nd as an amateur.

Trank's breakthrough came with his film "Chronicle," a found-footage superhero movie that resonated with audiences and critics alike. Released in 2012, the film garnered considerable acclaim for its innovative storytelling and garnered a strong following. Micheal B Jordan and Dane Dehaan both became successful actors as a result. To be fair, they were both already on their way...

Following the success of "Chronicle," Trank found himself in the spotlight, attracting attention and opportunities from within the industry. His distinctive style and ability to engage audiences piqued the interest of major studios and filmmakers. Trank was given the chance to work on high-profile projects that would further solidify his position in Hollywood. One such project was the highly anticipated reboot of the superhero franchise, "Fantastic Four."

The Downfall of Josh Trank

The road to Trank's downfall began with the troubled production of "Fantastic Four." Amidst high expectations and pressure, conflicts between Trank and the studio arose, resulting in creative differences and interference. The film's final cut deviated significantly from Trank's original vision, leading to negative reviews and a disappointing box office performance. The production became a turning point in Trank's career, with rumors circulating of on-set tensions and clashes with studio executives.

In addition to the challenges faced during the making of "Fantastic Four," Trank's personal behavior also played a role in his decline. Reports emerged of unprofessional conduct and erratic behavior, leading to strained relationships with industry professionals. Trank's reputation suffered further as rumors and negative publicity surrounded his actions, casting a shadow over his once-promising career.

Personal Behaviors that Contributed to the Fall

Josh Trank's strong desire for creative control played a significant role in his collaboration with studios and producers, ultimately contributing to his fall. Trank possessed a distinct artistic vision and was determined to bring it to fruition, often clashing with the expectations and demands of the studios. This clash resulted in conflicts and compromises that compromised the integrity of his work. For instance, during the production of "Fantastic Four," Trank's vision for a darker and more character-driven film conflicted with the studio's desire for a more commercially viable, family-friendly superhero movie.

Trank's communication style and interpersonal skills also played a part in his downfall. Reports and rumors suggest that he struggled with effectively communicating his ideas and collaborating with actors, crew members, and industry professionals. Poor communication can lead to misunderstandings, tension, and a breakdown in relationships on set. Instances of on-set tension during the production of "Fantastic Four" have been rumored, pointing to potential clashes between Trank and the cast and crew.

DESPITE this, Lucasfilm hired Trank to make a Star Wars film.

The man had come full circle from a Stabbing at Leia's 22nd Birthday...

The project was announced and rumoured to be a Boba Fett film, until Trank suffered a fast departure from the Star Wars project. The specific reasons for his departure have not been publicly disclosed. The details surrounding his exit from the film have been kept confidential, and there is no official statement or widely accepted explanation for his departure. Trank did say publically "I quit because I knew I was going to be fired if I didn’t quit."

That said...may Josh got caught in the

Hollywood Clobbering Machine

Filmmakers in the Hollywood industry often face immense pressure, particularly when working on high-profile franchises. These projects come with great expectations and financial investments, leading studios to exert significant influence and control. Trank's experience with "Fantastic Four" exemplifies this phenomenon. 

As a filmmaker with a distinct vision, Trank encountered studio interference that compromised his creative control. The pressures to meet franchise expectations and create commercially successful films can stifle artistic freedom and result in compromises that may not align with the filmmaker's original vision.


Josh Trank's rise and fall in the Hollywood industry offer valuable insights into the interplay of personal behaviors, industry pressures, and the impact of the Hollywood Clobbering Machine on a filmmaker's career. Trank's initial success was marked by his distinct creative vision, showcased in the critically acclaimed "Chronicle." However, personal behaviors such as a desire for creative control, communication challenges, and controversies eroded his professional reputation and contributed to his downfall.

The Hollywood industry presents formidable challenges for filmmakers, particularly when working on high-profile franchises. The pressure to meet studio expectations and the interference that often accompanies such projects can compromise a filmmaker's creative control and artistic vision. Additionally, media scrutiny and public expectations play a significant role in shaping a filmmaker's reputation, and failure to meet these expectations can have lasting repercussions.

Trank would re-group and eventually made Capone, it did not resonate with audiences but Tom Hardy was applauded for taking the role of Capone.


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