The Running Gag of Francisco Váldezis, the Bearded Extra in the Titanic Film

22 June 2023
The running gag featuring Francisco Váldezis's bearded extra in Titanic is a prime example of a detail that may initially go unnoticed but becomes a delightful discovery during repeat viewings. 

While many viewers might have missed this comedic subplot on their first watch, subsequent viewings offer the opportunity to uncover the bearded extra's recurring appearances and appreciate the humor and cleverness of his character. 

This adds an extra layer of engagement and enjoyment to the film, promoting deeper appreciation for Titanic's storytelling and encouraging viewers to revisit and rediscover the film's hidden nuances.

James Cameron sure knew what he was doing when he wrote, directed and produced Titanic!

bearded man checked for lice titantic gag
Initial Appearances and Humorous Interactions:

The bearded extra played by Francisco Váldezis first enters the film as he is being combed for lice before being granted access to the Titanic. This comical scene sets the stage for the character's recurring presence in the film. Soon after boarding the ship, he almost passes by the film's main characters, Jack and Fabrizio, creating a humorous near encounter.

Another notable instance occurs during the Irish party scene, where the bearded extra is depicted amusing himself. These initial appearances establish the character's presence as a recurring figure and contribute to the comedic undertones of the running gag.

bearded man extra gag titanic

Escapades during the Titanic's Sinking:

As the ship begins to sink, the bearded man becomes more active within the narrative. He is seen observing steward 2 distributing lifebelts to passengers, indicating his growing awareness of the impending disaster. Alongside Tommy Ryan and Fabrizio, he moves towards a gate guarded by steward 3. After a considerable delay, the gate is opened for women, but the bearded man seizes the opportunity to squeeze through and make his escape.

However, his luck quickly changes when a vigilant seaman uses an axe to prevent him from leaving. This turn of events adds a comedic twist to the character's attempts to escape, highlighting his persistence and resourcefulness. Despite this setback, he manages to evade steerage and find his way to Emergency Lifeboat 2, only to be denied access once again.

Climactic Moments and Survival

Undeterred, the bearded man descends to the Grand Staircase, where he makes a brief appearance before continuing his escape. At this point, he passes by the ship's musicians just as they begin playing the iconic hymn, "Nearer My God To Thee." This timing adds an element of dramatic irony and comedic effect, underscoring the character's relentless pursuit of survival.

bearded man saved titanic

Finally, the bearded man's determination pays off as he jumps into the water and manages to swim away from the sinking ship. His ultimate survival is suggested as he crawls onto the overturned Collapsible Lifeboat B, positioning him as one of the presumed survivors of the Titanic's wreck.

The inclusion of this running gag featuring Francisco Váldezis's character adds an element of lightheartedness and levity to the otherwise tragic events portrayed in the film Titanic. By creating a recurring figure who seemingly defies the odds and survives against all expectations, the running gag provides moments of relief and humor for the audience.


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