George Clooney's Cameo as The Batman explained in The Flash's Surprising Twist Ending

17 June 2023
When it comes to superhero films, unexpected surprises and twists are always exciting for fans. One such twist occurred in the highly anticipated film "The Flash," where George Clooney (The Midnight Sky, The Peacemaker) made a surprise appearance as Batman at the last minute of the film.

This unexpected casting choice left audiences wondering why Clooney, who previously portrayed the Caped Crusader in the infamous 1997 film "Batman & Robin," reprised the role at the end of "The Flash."

In order to understand this decision, we need to delve into the context of the film and explore the multiple timelines and universes presented in the storyline.

The Final Chapter of the DCEU Era:

"The Flash" serves as a culmination of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) era, which spanned over a decade. With James Gunn taking on the role of co-CEO of DC Studios, it was evident that significant changes were on the horizon. As the film "The Flash" began to take shape, it became clear that it would tie up loose ends and set the stage for a new universe called the DCU, under the direction of Gunn and Peter Safran. 

Therefore, it was essential to approach "The Flash" with the understanding that it marked the end of an era for DC Comics characters on the big screen.

george clooney batman cameo flash
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Time Travel and Multiversal Mishaps:

In "The Flash," Barry Allen (played by a lively Ezra Miller) embarks on a mission involving time travel to save his mother and alter the present timeline. Through his time-traveling endeavors, he encounters a future where Bruce Wayne  (portrayed by Ben Affleck in this DCEU) no longer exists. Instead, he encounters an older Bruce Wayne, portrayed by Michael Keaton, who resembles his iconic portrayal of Batman from Tim Burton's 1989 film. 

However, it is at the film's conclusion that Barry's actions result in an unexpected alteration in the timeline, and George Clooney's Batman is revealed to be the current Wayne.

Clooney's History as Batman:

To fully comprehend the significance of George Clooney's appearance, it's important to acknowledge his previous portrayal of Batman in "Batman & Robin" (1997). This installment of the franchise, directed by Joel Schumacher, was known for its colorful and campy style, receiving substantial criticism and negative reviews.

 Clooney himself has openly expressed regret and even apologized for the film's shortcomings. The decision to cast Clooney as Batman once again in "The Flash" reflects a sense of humor and self-depreciation, acknowledging the character's history, both good and bad.

That said, we did get the best-ever quote from a Batman, she's going to kill you, Dick...

Interpretations of Clooney's Role:

There are two potential ways to interpret George Clooney's appearance as Batman at the end of "The Flash." The first interpretation suggests that entering a different universe or timeline where Barry's father is proven innocent altered the existence of Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne. In this universe, Clooney's Batman is a nod to the character's history, as the DCEU moves forward in a new direction under James Gunn's leadership.

The second interpretation proposes that the timeline Barry enters is the same as the one depicted in "Batman & Robin." By finding his way into this universe, Barry must navigate and make sense of the events that occurred in the campy 1997 film. However, it's worth noting that the production design seen in "The Flash" differs significantly from the vibrant and colorful Gotham City of "Batman & Robin."

A Playful Nod to the Franchise's History:

Ultimately, the inclusion of George Clooney as Batman in "The Flash" can be seen as a playful nod to the character's cinematic history. Clooney's return to the role he once believed he had tarnished adds an element of humor and self-awareness to the film. It also highlights the evolution and growth of the DCEU, allowing for a lighthearted reflection on past missteps while embracing the opportunity for a fresh start.

James Gunn has noted this was a mere cameo appearance and Clooney is not part of the revitalised DCEU.


"The Flash" brings the DC Extended Universe era to a close, presenting fans with unexpected surprises, including the return of George Clooney as Batman. While there are multiple ways to interpret his appearance, the decision ultimately reflects a playful acknowledgment of the character's history and serves as a light-hearted moment within the film.

As the DCEU evolves under the direction of James Gunn and Peter Safran, the appearance of Clooney's Batman adds a nostalgic touch and reinforces the enduring legacy of the Caped Crusader on the big screen.


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