Episode Review: "Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow" - Star Trek: Strange New Worlds S02E03

29 June 2023

"Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow" is a standout episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, offering a thrilling time travel story and a heart-pounding romantic drama. It not only pays homage to the entire Star Trek franchise but also stands as a remarkable standalone story within the series, standing against Ad Astera Per Aspera. The episode, written by David Reed and directed by Amanda Row, successfully combines humor and heartbreak, delivering a beautiful love letter to the franchise and showcasing the incredible chemistry between the cast members.

The episode centers around La'an (Christina Chong), the Chief of Security aboard the Enterprise and a member of the Noonien-Singh family. La'an has struggled with the legacy of her infamous ancestor, Khan Noonien Singh (first seen in Space Seed in TOS), and the trauma of growing up in his shadow. In previous episodes, we have seen hints of her anger and fear regarding genetic modification and her own destiny. "Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow" confronts these issues head-on, pushing La'an to face her past and make choices that define her future.

Episode Review: "Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow" - Star Trek: Strange New Worlds S02E03

The story unfolds when La'an encounters a man from the Department of Temporal Investigations, who hands her a mysterious device and insists that she must stop an attack that altered the timeline. As a result, La'an finds herself trapped in an alternate version of the Enterprise, where James Kirk (Paul Wesley) is the captain and Spock is leading a war with the Romulans. La'an realizes that she needs to go back in time to prevent the attack and restore her own timeline.

Paul Wesley's portrayal of James Kirk is a pleasant surprise, as he brings a youthful and lighthearted energy to the character. Wesley manages to make the role his own, differentiating it from previous portrayals by Chris Pine and William Shatner. His chemistry with Christina Chong's La'an is adorable and adds an intriguing layer to the episode, especially considering their complicated family history.

Speaking of Chong, she delivers a phenomenal performance as La'an, showcasing the character's complex emotions and inner struggles. La'an's journey in this episode allows her to let go of her past and discover her true identity beyond her genetic heritage. Chong's portrayal captures La'an's anger, stubbornness, fear, and loneliness, as well as her gradual transformation into a person who is willing to make different choices and forge her own path.

The episode also features notable guest appearances, with Carol Kane reprising her role as Pelia and Adelaide Kane making an amusing guest appearance which is cleverly set up in the beginning minutes of the show.

The episode's exploration of an alternate timeline and time travel inevitably raises questions about continuity and plot holes. However, the emotional impact of the story and the character development take precedence over these details. The focus is on the internal and emotional journeys of the characters, which have a lasting impact on their lives and relationships.

"Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow" is a bittersweet and thoughtful episode that explores the concept of roads not taken and the power of personal choices. It pays homage to the best episodes of Star Trek by combining humor, heartbreak, and the classic Trek Trope of sending Starflett Officers back in time to solve an Earth bound problem (see The City on the Edge of Forever). The episode serves as a reminder of the values that Star Trek stands for, including hope, compassion, and the belief in a better future.


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