Harlan Ogilvy personifies the paranoia and fear that grips humanity when faced with an alien invasion - War of the World's real Bad Guy

07 June 2023

In the 2005 film adaptation of H.G. Wells' classic science fiction novel "War of the Worlds," the character of Harlan Ogilvy, portrayed by Tim Robbins, plays a pivotal role in the narrative. Ogilvy embodies various themes and adds depth to the story through his actions, mental state, and interactions with other characters. This discussion will delve into the themes represented by Harlan Ogilvy, his role in the plot, and his deteriorating mental state.

Harlan Ogilvy personifies the paranoia and fear that grips humanity when faced with an alien invasion. From his first encounter with the extraterrestrial tripods, Ogilvy is deeply affected by the terror of the situation. His wide-eyed expressions and frantic demeanor symbolize the overwhelming fear that consumes him.

As the narrative progresses, his paranoia intensifies, reflecting the overarching theme of vulnerability and helplessness in the face of an incomprehensible threat. For instance, Ogilvy becomes increasingly convinced that the aliens are tracking him specifically, leading him to take extreme measures to avoid detection.

Harlan Ogilvy war of the worlds

Furthermore, Ogilvy's actions reflect the desperation that arises when humans confront the annihilation of their species. As chaos ensues and survival instincts kick in, he begins to prioritize his own well-being over the safety of others. His desperation is showcased in his interactions with Ray Ferrier and his family. Ogilvy's behavior towards them becomes increasingly erratic and hostile. He tries to manipulate Ray, suggesting that they should abandon his children to save themselves. This highlights the lengths people may go to in order to cling onto life, even at the expense of others, a sobering portrayal of the darker side of human nature.

Ogilvy serves as a stark contrast to the film's protagonist, Ray Ferrier. While Ferrier initially struggles to protect his family, he gradually adopts a more responsible and protective stance. In contrast, Ogilvy represents the breakdown of sanity and moral compass in the face of the crisis. Their interactions serve as a point of comparison, illustrating the choices individuals make when confronted with extreme circumstances. As Ray fights to keep his family safe, Ogilvy descends into madness, demonstrating the consequences of succumbing to fear and desperation.

Moreover, Ogilvy becomes a catalyst for suspense and tension. His presence amplifies the anxiety and unease felt by the other characters. He behaves unpredictably, becoming a source of internal conflict among the survivors. For example, when Ray's daughter, Rachel, becomes scared and starts crying, Ogilvy's response is harsh and unsympathetic. His erratic behavior and disturbing actions heighten the tension, further immersing the audience in the atmosphere of uncertainty and danger.

Initially, Ogilvy appears as an eccentric but harmless individual. However, as the chaos ensues, he isolates himself from the main group, descending into paranoia. Ogilvy's growing obsession with the alien invaders leads to a breakdown in his mental state, as he becomes increasingly convinced that the aliens are tracking him specifically. This isolation and paranoia fuel his deteriorating mental state, causing him to lose touch with reality and act out in dangerous ways.

His interactions with Ray and his family showcase the extent of his deteriorating mental state. Ogilvy's behavior towards them becomes increasingly aggressive and threatening. He tries to take control and make decisions that prioritize his own survival over the well-being of others. In one instance, he forcefully separates Ray from his daughter and attempts to convince him to leave her behind. This demonstrates the extent to which fear and desperation have eroded his rationality and empathy.


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