The Last Command - Review A Satisfying Conclusion to the Thrawn Trilogy

29 May 2023
"The Last Command" serves as the thrilling culmination of Timothy Zahn's remarkable "Thrawn Trilogy." As the final installment, following Dark Force Rising. it carries the weight of concluding a beloved narrative that has captured the hearts of Star Wars fans across the galaxy. The release of this novel was met with palpable anticipation and soaring expectations, as readers yearned to witness the resolution of the enthralling storylines and the destiny of their treasured characters. With its strengths in storytelling, character development, and its enduring impact on the Star Wars Expanded Universe, "The Last Command" delivers a fitting and memorable end to this iconic trilogy.

This concluding chapter in the Thrawn Trilogy showcases Timothy Zahn's mastery of storytelling, drawing readers into a captivating web of intrigue and suspense. The anticipation surrounding the book's release was fueled by the desire to witness the climactic clash between the New Republic and the formidable Grand Admiral Thrawn. Fans eagerly awaited answers to lingering questions and hoped for a satisfying resolution to the intricate plotlines that had been meticulously woven throughout the previous two installments.

"The Last Command" holds significant importance within the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Timothy Zahn's contribution to the franchise not only revived the Star Wars literary universe but also introduced several memorable characters that have become fan favorites. Zahn's ability to seamlessly integrate new elements into the established canon while staying true to the spirit of the original films is commendable. The Thrawn Trilogy's enduring popularity and critical acclaim have solidified its place as a cornerstone of Star Wars literature, setting a high standard for future stories within the Expanded Universe.

the last command review

Summary of the Plot:

"The Last Command" follows the gripping storyline established in the previous two books of the Thrawn Trilogy. The central conflict revolves around the New Republic's desperate struggle against the brilliant tactician, Grand Admiral Thrawn, who seeks to restore the Empire to its former glory.

As the novel unfolds, Thrawn unveils his meticulously planned campaign, employing his tactical genius and knowledge of his adversaries to devastating effect. Meanwhile, Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Han Solo, and their allies race against time to gather resources, rally support, and find a way to thwart Thrawn's ambitions.

Throughout the story, readers witness a series of key events and plot developments that drive the narrative forward. These include Thrawn's ingenious military strategies, such as capturing a fleet of dreadnoughts, employing cloaking technology, and orchestrating surprise attacks on the New Republic. The heroes face internal conflicts and personal challenges, grappling with their roles in the ongoing war and the revelations about their own identities. The novel also delves into the intricate web of political maneuverings and power struggles within the Empire and the New Republic, further intensifying the stakes of the conflict.

Amidst the escalating battles and intricate schemes, the characters undergo significant growth and transformation. Luke Skywalker continues his journey as a Jedi Knight, confronting his past and exploring the boundaries of his abilities. Han Solo and Leia Organa face personal trials that test their love and commitment to the cause. Additionally, the enigmatic Mara Jade, introduced earlier in the trilogy, plays a crucial role as she grapples with her past affiliations and finds her place in the struggle against Thrawn.

Ultimately, "The Last Command" builds towards a climactic showdown between Thrawn and the combined forces of the New Republic, culminating in a high-stakes battle that will determine the fate of the galaxy. The novel expertly weaves together action, intrigue, and character development, providing a captivating conclusion to the Thrawn Trilogy.

Character Development:

"The Last Command" showcases the growth and evolution of major characters, allowing readers to witness their development as they face monumental challenges, make crucial decisions, and confront their inner conflicts.

Luke Skywalker's character experiences significant growth as he continues his journey as a Jedi Knight. He faces intense trials that test his resolve, wisdom, and mastery of the Force. Throughout the novel, Luke grapples with his past, confronts his fears, and strives to balance his duty to the New Republic with his responsibilities as a Jedi. His journey ultimately leads to a deeper understanding of himself and his role in the galaxy.

Han Solo and Leia Organa's characters face personal trials that impact both their relationship and their commitment to the cause. They grapple with the challenges of parenthood, the strains of war, and the weight of their responsibilities. Their journey involves navigating complex decisions that have far-reaching consequences, forcing them to confront their own doubts and vulnerabilities. Their character arcs highlight the resilience and strength they possess as they fight for what they believe in.

Mara Jade's character undergoes a significant transformation throughout the novel. Initially introduced as an enigmatic and conflicted character, she navigates her loyalties and wrestles with her past affiliations. As the story progresses, Mara Jade plays a pivotal role in the fight against Thrawn, displaying remarkable bravery and a growing sense of purpose. Her character arc highlights her journey of self-discovery and redemption, making her a compelling and integral part of the narrative.

Other characters, such as Admiral Ackbar, Lando Calrissian, and Talon Karrde, also experience growth and contribute to the overall tapestry of the novel. Each character faces unique challenges, makes difficult decisions, and undergoes personal transformations as they navigate the complexities of the galactic conflict.

"The Last Command" expertly weaves together these character arcs, allowing readers to witness the characters' evolution in the face of adversity. Their growth and development add depth and emotional resonance to the story, creating a compelling narrative that explores themes of identity, loyalty, and the power of individual choices within the larger scope of the Star Wars universe.

Themes of The Last Command

"The Last Command" delves into several prominent themes that enrich the narrative and contribute to the enduring legacy of the Star Wars universe. These themes resonate with readers, adding depth and complexity to the story.

1. Redemption and Forgiveness: The theme of redemption plays a significant role throughout the novel. Characters such as Mara Jade and even some Imperial officers grapple with their past actions and seek redemption. This theme emphasizes the potential for change and growth, highlighting the capacity for forgiveness and the importance of second chances. A notable scene illustrating this theme is when Mara Jade confronts her past and makes a pivotal choice to align herself with the New Republic, setting her on a path towards redemption.

2. Identity and Self-Discovery: "The Last Command" explores the theme of identity, particularly in relation to Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade. Luke grapples with his identity as a Jedi Knight and his place within the wider galaxy. Mara Jade, on the other hand, struggles to reconcile her former allegiance to the Empire with her new role as an ally of the New Republic. Their journeys of self-discovery allow readers to reflect on the importance of self-acceptance, personal growth, and the choices that shape one's identity.

3. Sacrifice and Duty: The theme of sacrifice is intertwined with the characters' sense of duty and the greater good. The heroes of the New Republic must make difficult choices and personal sacrifices in their fight against Thrawn and the Empire. Scenes such as the selfless acts of heroism during intense battles highlight the characters' unwavering commitment to their cause and the lengths they are willing to go to protect the galaxy.

4. Legacy and the Balance of Power: "The Last Command" explores the consequences of the past and the impact of history on the present. The legacy of the Empire and the struggle for power shape the narrative, raising questions about the balance between order and freedom. The actions of characters such as Thrawn and the heroes of the New Republic carry far-reaching implications for the future of the galaxy. This theme prompts readers to contemplate the cyclical nature of power struggles and the potential for change.

Resolution and Conclusion:

"The Last Command" delivers a satisfying resolution to the central conflict of the Thrawn Trilogy and provides a fitting conclusion to the trilogy as a whole. The final battle between the New Republic and Grand Admiral Thrawn reaches its climax, with high stakes and intense action. The resolution of this conflict not only determines the fate of the characters but also has significant implications for the larger galaxy.

In terms of tying up loose ends, "The Last Command" effectively addresses the major plotlines and character arcs that have been developed throughout the trilogy. Readers gain closure as they witness the resolution of key conflicts, the growth and transformation of the characters, and the consequences of their choices. The ending provides a sense of fulfillment and completion, leaving readers with a satisfying conclusion to the storylines they have invested in

"The Last Command" has had a lasting impact on the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Timothy Zahn's trilogy not only revitalized the Star Wars literary landscape but also introduced new characters and concepts that have become integral to the broader canon. The success of the Thrawn Trilogy paved the way for a wealth of future novels, comic books, and other media set within the Expanded Universe. It demonstrated the potential for compelling storytelling outside the realm of the films and expanded the narrative possibilities of the Star Wars universe.

Furthermore, the Thrawn Trilogy, and "The Last Command" in particular, remains highly regarded among fans and critics alike. Its legacy is evident in the continued popularity of the characters introduced, such as Grand Admiral Thrawn and Mara Jade, who have become beloved figures in the Star Wars mythology. The trilogy's impact and enduring reputation have solidified it as a cornerstone of Star Wars literature, with its influence still felt in subsequent works within the Expanded Universe.Timothy Zahn's masterful storytelling, character development, and the significant impact the trilogy had on the Expanded Universe make it an essential read for dedicated Star Wars fans. It successfully expands the Star Wars universe, introducing memorable characters and themes that resonate beyond the pages of the book.

In summary, "The Last Command" provides a satisfying resolution to the central conflict, effectively tying up loose ends and bringing the Thrawn Trilogy to a fitting conclusion. Its impact on the Star Wars Expanded Universe and its legacy are significant, as it revitalized the franchise's literary landscape and introduced enduring characters and concepts. The lasting popularity and acclaim of the Thrawn Trilogy solidify its place as a beloved and influential part of the Star Wars saga.


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