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15 May 2023


halo epitaph

Over ten years ago, the Master Chief awakened from cryo sleep as the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn approached a mysterious shield world known as Requiem.

Within this hollow sphere was an ancient Forerunner warrior—the Didact. Imprisoned a hundred millennia ago by his wife after being driven to madness, he emerged to continue his campaign against the humans that he saw as unworthy of the Mantle, the responsibility of guardianship over life in the galaxy.

Seeking to imprison humanity as his army of machine thralls, the Didact was defeated by the Master Chief and Cortana as he led an attack on Earth, casting him into slipspace. A further confrontation on Gamma Halo would see the Didact’s physical body disintegrated by the destruction of his Composer devices, sending the scatterings of his consciousness into the Domain.

It is here that Halo: Epitaph, the next novel from acclaimed author Kelly Gay, begins. 

Here’s the official description of what is to come:

Stripped of armor, might, and memory, the Forerunner warrior known as the Didact was torn from the physical world following his destructive confrontation with the Master Chief and sent reeling into the mysterious depths of a seemingly endless desert wasteland. This once powerful and terrifying figure is now a shadow of his former self—gaunt, broken, desiccated, and alone. But this wasteland is not as barren as it seems. A blue light glints from a thin spire in the far distance…""

Thus begins the Didact’s great journey—the final fate of one of the galaxy’s most enigmatic and pivotal figures.

kelly gay halo epitaph

Epitaph author Kelly Gay is a USA TODAY bestselling author and the critically acclaimed creator of the Charlie Madigan urban fantasy series. She is a multi-published author with works translated into several languages. 

She is a two-time RITA nominee, an ARRA nominee, a Goodreads Choice Awards finalist, and a SIBA Book Award Long List finalist. Kelly is also a recipient of the North Carolina Arts Council’s Fellowship Grant in Literature. 

Within the Halo universe, she has authored the widely lauded novels Halo: The Rubicon Protocol (a USA TODAY bestseller), Halo: Point of Light, and Halo: Renegades, the novella Halo: Smoke and Shadow, and the short story “Into the Fire,” featured in Halo: Fractures. She can be found online at KellyGay.com.


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