From Dennis to The Beast: Unveiling the Unique Traits of Kevin Crumb's Personalities in 'Glass'

11 May 2023

In the movie sequel to Split, "Glass," James McAvoy's portrayal of Kevin Crumb and his multiple distinct personalities offers a compelling exploration of dissociative identity disorder (DID). Through McAvoy's exceptional performance, each personality within Kevin's mind comes to life with its own set of traits, characteristics, and behaviors. This intricate depiction adds depth and complexity to the character, showcasing the vast range of identities residing within him.

He was robbed of an Oscar nomination as far as we are concerned!

The influence of these personalities on the plot is far-reaching, driving the story forward through their interactions, conflicts, and contributions to the central themes of identity, control, and the nature of power.

the horde personalities glass

James McAvoy's remarkable performance and the diverse array of personalities portrayed by Kevin Crumb in "Glass" provide an immersive and thought-provoking examination of dissociative identity disorder. The film not only showcases the individual traits and behaviors of each personality but also explores the interplay and conflicts among them. 

Here's a list of the personalities displayed by Kevin Crumb in "Glass," along with additional descriptions of their traits and their influence on the plot:

1. Dennis: As one of the dominant personalities, Dennis is meticulous, controlling, and strict. His obsessive nature drives him to enforce order and discipline among the other personalities. Dennis plays a crucial role in orchestrating the kidnapping of young girls, which serves as a central plot point in the film.

2. Patricia: Patricia presents herself as a sophisticated and elegant woman with a distinct British accent. She is calm, assertive, and deeply devoted to serving "The Beast." Patricia's belief in the existence of The Beast and her manipulation of the other personalities contribute to the escalating tension and the development of the film's central conflict.

3. Hedwig: A a nine-year-old boy who exhibits mischievous and playful behavior. He adds an element of unpredictability to the narrative with his childlike innocence and his tendency to switch loyalties among the personalities. Hedwig's interactions with the other characters, particularly with Casey Cooke, a central character from the film "Split," provide both comedic relief and moments of emotional connection.

4. The Beast is a fearsome and superhuman alter ego that Kevin believes he can transform into. Possessing enhanced strength, agility, and the ability to crawl on walls, The Beast represents Kevin's belief in his supernatural capabilities. The emergence of The Beast becomes a driving force in the plot, leading to intense confrontations and a climax centered around his abilities and motivations.

5.Barry serves as a stabilizing force among the personalities. As a fashion designer, he showcases artistic abilities and strives to maintain order and stability within Kevin's mind. Barry's attempts to keep the other personalities in check become essential in unraveling the mysteries surrounding Kevin's condition and his connection to other characters in the film.

6.  Orwell is characterized by his love for photography and his observant nature. He provides a unique perspective on the events unfolding around Kevin, often capturing key moments in photographs. Orwell's presence contributes to the exploration of identity and perception, as he observes and documents the actions and interactions of the other personalities.

7. Jade: An expressive and attention-seeking personality with a flair for fashion. Her flamboyant style and vibrant presence add color to the narrative. Jade's extroverted nature brings a liveliness to the story and influences the dynamics between the personalities, providing moments of levity amidst the tension.

8. Heinrich is a personality who believes he is an expert in history and warfare. His intense and serious demeanor contributes to the film's thematic exploration of power and control. Heinrich's conviction in his knowledge and abilities influences Kevin's actions, leading to strategic planning and calculated moves that shape the unfolding events.

9. Norma serves as a nurturing and compassionate personality, taking on a motherly role among the other personalities. Her empathy and care for others, including Kevin, provide moments of emotional connection and serve as a contrast to the more dominant and aggressive personalities. Norma's presence humanizes Kevin and adds depth to his character.

10. Mary Reynolds represents Kevin's devoutly religious side. She seeks solace and guidance through prayer and expresses faith in a higher power. Her presence reflects the internal conflicts Kevin experiences due to his condition and highlights the themes of faith, belief, and redemption throughout the film.

11. Bernice's love for fashion and expressive style contribute to the aesthetic and visual storytelling of the film. Her presence adds a layer of creativity and individuality to the overall narrative, shaping Kevin's outward appearance and influencing the perception of his character by others.

12. Rakel's caring nature and Scandinavian accent provide a comforting presence among the personalities. She takes on a motherly role, offering support and protection to the others. Rakel's nurturing influence on Kevin adds depth to his character development and showcases the struggle between vulnerability and strength within him.

13. Polly is a personality with a passion for cooking and baking. She often discusses her culinary creations and brings a sense of domesticity to Kevin's mind. Polly's presence adds a touch of warmth and familiarity, humanizing Kevin and showcasing his capacity for simple pleasures amidst the turmoil.

14. Samuel is a serious and business-like personality, often seen dressed in a suit. His presence reflects a more professional and goal-oriented side of Kevin. Samuel's influence on the plot lies in his ability to maintain order and provide a structured approach to the challenges Kevin faces, presenting a contrast to the more chaotic personalities.

Each of these personalities in "Glass" plays a significant role in shaping the narrative and influencing the plot. They contribute to the exploration of Kevin Crumb's psyche, the complexities of dissociative identity disorder, and the interplay between different aspects of his character. Additionally, their distinct traits, interactions, and conflicts create dynamic relationships within Kevin's mind, driving the suspense and psychological tension throughout the film.


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