Crypt of Uhrma Puzzle Solve in Jedi: Survivor

07 May 2023

 Solution for the Wall Riddle in the Secret Crypt of Uhrma

While progressing through the primary mission known as "Journey to the Sacred Retreat," an alternative route can be stumbled upon along the Windy Plateau, leading to the Secret Crypt of Eldora. The entrance to this crypt is adjacent to the vertical passage in that vicinity.

While exploring the crypt, various items can be discovered, including a BD-1 Scan, an ancient Scroll of Elara, and an enigmatic wall puzzle that necessitates the utilization of your Force abilities to extract specific pillars, thereby unlocking the concealed passage. Alas, the likelihood of correctly guessing the correct combination of pillars to solve the puzzle is rather meager, so if you don't want to muck around guessing and taking up your time, here's how to get access to the crypt with a clever in-game 'cheat'.

How to get the Wall Puzzle pillar combination in the Secret Crypt

To obtain the accurate combination, temporarily depart from the crypt and continue along the primary path, ascending toward the Retreat.

Upon a lengthy ascent, you will eventually arrive at the summit of a cliff, where Cal briefly remarks that a ruin situated across the nearby chasm bears resemblance to something he has encountered previously.

Find the solution to the wall puzzle by observing this ruin, which mirrors the design of the enigmatic wall.

The ruin will reveal the solution to the wall puzzle, indicating the specific pillars on the wall that necessitate extraction using your Force abilities:

- The first and fourth pillars in the upper row.

- The second and third pillars in the lower row.

Solve the Crypt of Uhrma Wall Puzzle

After acquiring this information, utilize the adjacent elevator to descend and return to the wall puzzle in the Secret Crypt of Eldora. By extracting the first and last pillars in the upper row and the two central pillars in the lower row, the wall will unlock, unveiling a concealed chamber.

Within this chamber, you will discover a Force Echo, an enhancement for the Stim Canister, and a hidden passageway leading to an exterior area where Skoova awaits.


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