Behind the Scenes Trivia: Exploring the Making of 'The Martian' with Matt Damon

26 May 2023

Welcome to an exploration of the fascinating trivia surrounding the production of the blockbuster film "The Martian." Directed by Ridley Scott and starring the charismatic Matt Damon, this science fiction epic took audiences on an exhilarating journey to the red planet. But there's more to this cinematic experience than meets the eye. 

Behind the scenes, a remarkable collaboration between filmmakers, space agencies, and scientific consultants brought this gripping story of survival and resilience to life with remarkable accuracy and attention to detail. 

From the meticulous set designs to the involvement of NASA itself, join us as we delve into the trivia surrounding "The Martian" and uncover the captivating anecdotes that made this production a standout in the realm of space exploration movies. Get ready to discover the interplay between fiction and reality, as we unveil the fascinating tidbits that will transport you back to the Martian landscape and leave you marveling at the ingenuity and determination of both the characters and the talented team behind the camera.

the martian movie trivia
Matt Damon lost in space again...

Trivia about the production of The Martian

  1. The production of the film involved collaboration between NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA), and other space agencies to ensure scientific accuracy.
  2. The film was primarily shot in Budapest, Hungary, and Wadi Rum, Jordan, with visual effects and additional filming taking place in the United States.
  3. The production team built a Mars habitat set in Budapest, which was meticulously designed to reflect the scientific research on future space missions.
  4. NASA provided technical consultation and advice throughout the production, ensuring that the film portrayed space exploration and the challenges faced by astronauts as realistically as possible.
  5. The film received critical acclaim for its scientific accuracy and realistic portrayal of space travel. It was praised for its attention to detail and adherence to scientific principles.
  6. "The Martian" was a commercial success, grossing over $630 million worldwide. It was nominated for several awards, including seven Academy Awards, and won the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy.
  7. Ridley Scott initially approached Drew Goddard to adapt the novel into a screenplay, and Goddard agreed to write and direct the film. However, due to scheduling conflicts, Goddard had to step down as the director, and Scott took over.
  8. The film's budget was approximately $108 million.
  9. Matt Damon performed a significant portion of his stunts, including wire work and zero-gravity sequences, with the help of harnesses and special effects.
  10. The production team built a full-scale replica of the Hermes spacecraft for filming scenes on Earth.
  11. The film utilized a mix of practical effects, visual effects, and miniatures to create the Mars landscapes and spacecraft.
  12. The film features extensive use of NASA's own footage and imagery from various Mars missions, including the Mars rovers.
  13. Andy Weir, the author of the novel, served as a consultant during the film's production, advising on scientific and technical aspects.
  14. The Martian was shot using the Arri Alexa XT digital camera, which allowed for high-resolution and low-light capabilities.
  15. The film's visual effects were created by multiple VFX studios, including MPC, Framestore, and The Third Floor.
  16. The screenplay for the film underwent several revisions and changes to condense the narrative and streamline the story for a cinematic adaptation.
  17. The film's soundtrack was composed by Harry Gregson-Williams and features a mix of original music and previously recorded tracks.
  18. The Hermes spacecraft depicted in the film was designed to be a realistic representation of a potential future spacecraft, incorporating scientific concepts and principles.
  19. Several real-life astronauts, including Jessica Meir, provided guidance and advice to the actors during the production.
  20. The film's release coincided with the discovery of liquid water on Mars by NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, which added to the public's interest in the possibility of life on the planet.
  21. To create the Red Planet's distinctive reddish hue, the production team used a combination of red sand from Jordan and color grading techniques in post-production.
  22.  The film's script included a significant amount of technical jargon and scientific explanations, which were simplified or modified during filming to make them more accessible to general audiences.
  23. During filming in Jordan's Wadi Rum desert, a sandstorm damaged some of the set pieces, requiring repairs and adjustments to the shooting schedule.
  24. The Hermes spacecraft set was constructed on a gimbal system, allowing it to be rotated and simulate weightlessness during certain scenes.
  25. The film's marketing campaign included a partnership with the National Geographic Channel, which aired a documentary about the science behind "The Martian."
  26. The film's costume design incorporated functional spacesuits that were based on NASA's existing designs, with minor modifications for aesthetic purposes.


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