The Wolves and the Force: Guardians of the World Between Worlds in Star Wars

12 April 2023
The "World Between Worlds" is a fascinating concept in the Star Wars universe that introduces the idea of a mystical realm beyond time and space. This concept was first introduced in the animated television series Star Wars Rebels, in the episodes "Wolves and a Door" and "A World Between Worlds."

In the show, the World Between Worlds is depicted as a place where all moments in time and space converge, and where past, present, and future are interconnected. It is described as a nexus of pathways and portals, and is accessed through a mystical portal located on the planet Lothal.

The World Between Worlds is guarded by powerful creatures known as the "Wolves," who seem to have a deep connection to the Force. These wolves appear to be aware of the potential danger of meddling with time, and serve as protectors of the World Between Worlds.

wolves and a door ezra

The World Between Worlds is shown to have the power to allow users to access and interact with different points in time and space. In the show, the character Ezra Bridger enters the World Between Worlds and is able to witness events from the past and the future. He is also able to interact with characters from different points in time, including his mentor Kanan Jarrus and the former Jedi Ahsoka Tano.

However, the World Between Worlds is not without its dangers. The show suggests that meddling with time can have unpredictable consequences, and that altering the past can have serious repercussions for the future. It is also suggested that the World Between Worlds can be used for evil purposes, and that its power must be guarded and protected.

Overall, the concept of the World Between Worlds is a fascinating addition to the Star Wars universe, offering new insights into the nature of time and space in the galaxy far, far away. Its introduction in Star Wars Rebels has sparked much speculation and discussion among fans, and it remains an intriguing and mysterious aspect of the Star Wars lore.


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