Why Luke Skywalker wears black clothing in Return of the Jedi

21 April 2023
Luke Skywalker's temptation to turn to the dark side in Return of the Jedi is a key theme of the movie. 

Luke's allegiance to the light side of the Force is tested when he confronts the evil Emperor Palpatine, who manipulates him by playing on his fears and emotions. The Emperor attempts to persuade Luke to embrace his anger and hate, ultimately leading him to the dark side. 

When reasoning fails, the Emperor tortures Luke with Force lightning, trying to kill him. 

Luke's clothing is an important aspect of his character arc in Return of the Jedi. He wears an all-black outfit, which can be seen as a symbol of his potential to turn to the dark side. This change in wardrobe from his previous attire in the previous films, where he wore earthy tones and white, highlights the theme of Luke's struggle to resist the allure of the dark side. 

The black outfit represents his internal conflict and the danger he faces of succumbing to his darker impulses.   

The reveal of Luke's white tunic underneath his black outfit is a powerful moment in the film. The scene occurs during his final confrontation with Darth Vader, where he tries to turn his father away from the dark side. The two engage in a lightsaber duel which eventually reveals Luke attire is white on the inside:

luke struggle force

This moment symbolizes the triumph of light over dark, as Luke emerges victorious over his internal conflict and having faced Vader, he is now considered a Jedi Knight. 

As Vader chooses his son over the Emperor and casts him into the 'well', the redemption of Darth Vader, who ultimately returns to the light side by sacrificing himself to save his son. and is thus the Chosen One

Both actions also symbolise the return of the Jedi in a plural sense. Vader is redeemed, and Luke is considered a Jedi having passed his test.

Luke's journey in Return of the Jedi is a complex exploration of the struggle between good and evil. The symbolism of his clothing and the reveal of his white inside to highlight the film's central themes of redemption, sacrifice, and the ultimate triumph of good over evil.


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