Carlos Ezquerra Profile: Co Creater of Judge Dredd

19 April 2023
Carlos Ezquerra (1947-2018) was a Spanish comic book artist and writer, best known for co-creating the iconic character Judge Dredd in 1977, along with writer John Wagner. Born in Zaragoza, Spain, he began his career as a comic book artist in the early 1970s, working on various British comic books.

Ezquerra's art style was distinctive and highly influential, characterized by bold lines, dynamic action scenes, and a gritty, dystopian aesthetic that became synonymous with the Judge Dredd universe. His work on the character was integral to its success and enduring popularity, and he continued to work on the series throughout his career.

In addition to Judge Dredd, Ezquerra worked on a number of other notable comic book series, including Strontium Dog, which he co-created with Wagner in 1978, and ABC Warriors, which he co-created with writer Pat Mills in 1979. He also worked on a range of other projects for various publishers, both in the UK and internationally.
Carlos Ezquerra (1947-2018)

Ezquerra's work was highly influential in the comic book industry, both in terms of its style and its content. He was known for his willingness to tackle controversial subjects, including political and social issues, and his work often dealt with themes of justice, oppression, and resistance.

Throughout his career, Ezquerra received numerous awards and accolades for his work, including an Eagle Award for Best Black and White Comic in 1989, and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Spanish Association of Comic Book Professionals in 2016.

Ezquerra passed away in 2018, but his legacy as one of the most influential comic book artists of his generation continues to be felt in the industry today. His work on Judge Dredd, in particular, remains a touchstone for the character and the wider dystopian genre, and his impact on the medium as a whole cannot be overstated.

Carlos Ezquerra was a prolific artist and writer who worked on numerous comic book series and projects throughout his career.

Some of his most notable works include:
  1. Judge Dredd (co-created with John Wagner) - This iconic comic book series, set in a dystopian future where judges act as both police and judge, jury and executioner, is perhaps Ezquerra's most well-known work.Strontium Dog (co-created with John Wagner) - This science fiction comic book series is set in a future where mutants are a persecuted minority, and follows the adventures of bounty hunter Johnny Alpha.
  2. ABC Warriors (co-created with Pat Mills) - This futuristic comic book series features a team of robots created to fight in an intergalactic war, who eventually become disillusioned with their mission and turn against their creators.
  3. The Stainless Steel Rat (with writer Kelvin Gosnell) - This comic book adaptation of Harry Harrison's classic science fiction novel follows the adventures of con artist and master thief James Bolivar "Slippery Jim" diGriz.
  4. Preacher (with writer Garth Ennis) - This critically acclaimed comic book series follows the adventures of a small-town preacher with a dark past, who gains the power of Genesis, an entity that gives him the power to command others.
  5. War Stories (with writer Garth Ennis) - This series of standalone graphic novels explores various historical conflicts and their impact on soldiers and civilians alike.
  6. Adventures in the Rifle Brigade (with writer Garth Ennis) - This irreverent comic book series is a parody of war comics, featuring a hapless team of British soldiers on a series of absurd missions during World War II.
  7. Major Eazy (with writer Alan Hebden) - This World War II comic book series follows the adventures of an officer in the British Army's Intelligence Corps, who uses his wits and cunning to outsmart the enemy.


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