From Object to Subject: Rethinking the Borg Queen's Sexualization in Star Trek

20 April 2023
borg queen use of sex power

The Borg Queen is a character that has generated a lot of debate and discussion among fans and critics of the Star Trek franchise. One of the most controversial aspects of her character is the sexualization and allure that are often associated with her. While some see this as a way to objectify her and undermine her power and agency, others argue that it is an essential part of her character and the role she plays in the series.

For instance, in Star Trek: First Contact, the Borg Queen is portrayed as a seductive and alluring figure who uses her sexuality to manipulate and control others. One specific example of the Borg Queen's sexualization that has generated controversy among Star Trek fans is the kiss between her and the android character Data. 

In the scene, the Borg Queen tempts Data with the promise of experiencing human sensations in exchange for his cooperation. She then leans in and kisses him, prompting some viewers to criticize the scene as inappropriate and non-consensual, given that Data is an android who is incapable of experiencing romantic or sexual attraction.

alice krige borg queen

On the other hand, some argue that the scene is not meant to be taken literally and is instead a metaphor for the Borg Queen's manipulative nature. By seducing Data and making him believe that he can experience human emotions, the Borg Queen is able to manipulate him into joining the Borg Collective. In this interpretation, the kiss can be seen as a commentary on how seduction and manipulation can be used to control others, rather than as an attempt to sexualize the Borg Queen.

However, there are other ways to interpret the Borg Queen's sexualization. 

For example, some argue that it is a deliberate choice that adds depth and complexity to her character. In Star Trek: Voyager, the Borg Queen appears in several episodes, and her sexualized behavior is more subtle. She uses her seductive voice and demeanor to manipulate Seven of Nine, a former Borg drone who is struggling to reintegrate into human society. In this context, the Borg Queen's sexuality can be seen as a tool she uses to control others and manipulate them into doing her bidding.

borg queen seduces seven of nine

Moreover, the Borg Queen's sexualization can also be interpreted as a commentary on the objectification of women in media and society. By portraying a powerful, intelligent, and dangerous female character in a sexually charged role, Star Trek may be challenging traditional gender roles and stereotypes. For example, in Star Trek: First Contact, the Borg Queen is played by Alice Krige, who was chosen for the role because of her ability to convey both power and vulnerability. Krige's performance as the Borg Queen has been praised for its complexity and nuance, and some argue that her sexualization is a deliberate choice that adds to the character's depth and complexity.

borg queen sexual themes

Of course, there are those who still find the Borg Queen's sexualization problematic, and they have valid reasons for doing so. For example, some argue that it perpetuates harmful stereotypes about women and undermines the character's agency and power. In addition, some have pointed out that the Borg Queen's sexualization is not consistent with the way other male characters are portrayed in the series. 

While male characters like Captain Kirk and Commander Riker are often depicted as having romantic or sexual relationships, their sexuality is not used to manipulate or control others in the same way the Borg Queen's is.

sexual manipulation borg queen

The Borg Queen's sexualization is a complex issue that can be viewed from many different angles. While it has been criticized for reducing her to a stereotypical femme fatale, others argue that it is an essential part of her character and the role she plays in the series. Whether or not one finds the Borg Queen's sexualization problematic, it is clear that the character remains an iconic and influential figure in the Star Trek franchise.


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