Blake's 7 final - The greatest ending episode of any sci fi show. Ever

24 April 2023

As one of the most groundbreaking and ambitious British sci-fi shows of the 20th century, Blake's 7 has always been known for its willingness to take risks and challenge the status quo. And nowhere is that more evident than in the show's final episode, "Blake", which manages to be both a fitting conclusion to the series' long-running narrative and a bold departure from what fans might have expected.

One of the standout features of "Blake" is the incredible acting performances from the show's talented cast. Gareth Thomas's portrayal of Roj Blake, the charismatic leader of the eponymous group of rebels, is particularly impressive. 

Despite having been absent from the show for several seasons, Thomas slips back into the role with ease, bringing both depth and nuance to a character that many fans had come to regard as a legendary figure. 

roj blake final death

Similarly, fan favourite Paul Darrow is excellent as the cunning and ruthless Avon, whose tense and complicated relationship with Blake drives much of the episode's narrative.

At its core, "Blake" is a story about loyalty, betrayal, and sacrifice. 

The episode sees the Avon's crew reunited with Roj for a final battle against the Federation who are hot on their heels. 

As the action unfolds, tensions mount, and alliances shift in unexpected ways. Moments of betrayal and heartbreak are interwoven with scenes of high-stakes action and suspense, creating a tense and emotionally charged atmosphere that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

One of the most striking aspects of "Blake" is the way it subverts the conventions of traditional sci-fi storytelling. Instead of offering a neat and tidy resolution to the show's overarching plot, the episode leaves things open-ended, with a controversial twist that shocked and outraged fans at the time of its airing. 

In the final moments of "Blake", tensions between the Scorpio crew boil over into a violent and tragic conclusion. 

blakes 7 final episode

Becoming increasingly suspicious of Blake's motives, Avon ultimately decides to take matters into his own hands and kills his former ally. But before he can fully process the ramifications of his actions, he's confronted by Arlen, who reveals herself to be a Federation officer.

In a heart-wrenching sequence, Tarrant, Soolin, Vila, and Dayna are all shot by Federation troops, leaving Avon standing alone, surrounded by enemies with his back against the wall. 

In a moment of defiance, he steps over Blake's lifeless body, raises his gun, and smiles – and then shots ring out, leaving the ultimate fate of the character and the show's narrative unresolved as the credits begin.

This bold move forces viewers to grapple with complex and uncomfortable questions about the nature of power, morality, and justice – themes that have always been central to Blake's 7's identity as a show.

Critically, "Blake" received a mixed reception from viewers and critics at the time of its airing. Some praised the episode for its boldness and willingness to take risks, while others were put off by its bleak and controversial conclusion. 

Today, however, the episode has come to be regarded as a classic of British sci-fi, beloved for its audacity and originality.

Eat your heart out, Tony Soprano. 

In many ways, "Blake" is just as relevant to today's viewers as it was when it first aired over 40 years ago. Its themes of political corruption, resistance, and rebellion remain as resonant as ever, and its willingness to push the boundaries of what sci-fi storytelling can be continues to inspire and challenge fans around the world. 

"Blake" is a bold and controversial finale episode that subverts expectations and challenges viewers in unexpected ways. With standout performances from its talented cast, a gripping plot that balances action and emotion, and themes that remain as relevant today as they did in the 1980s, this episode is a must-see for anyone with an interest in science fiction or bold, thought-provoking storytelling. 


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